10 Differences Between Supplier and Manufacturer

What is supplier and manufacturer

Suppliers mainly refer to some entities who make a profit by providing products or services to buyers.

A manufacturer refers to a entity that makes a product through a series of manufacturing processes with equipment and labor. Generally speaking, a manufacturer is a factory.

Supplier and Manufacturer

For enterprises, manufacturers have a significant impact on the quality and quantity of products provided by suppliers, but it is not difficult to see from the analysis of the relationship between supplier and manufacturer that supplier and manufacturer are crucial to each other’s long-term development. The difference between supplier and manufacturer is mainly the following ten points:

10 differences between supplier and manufacturer

  1. Manufacturers have production equipment and labors and can act as suppliers, while suppliers cannot become manufacturers without production equipment and labors.
  2. Manufacturers have a price advantage over suppliers.
  3. The manufacturer understands the production process of the product better than the supplier.
  4. It is the manufacturer, not the supplier, that determines the delivery date.
  5. It is the manufacturer not the supplier who really controls the quality of the product.
  6. The supplier has more resources to match the product.
  7. The supplier’s products can be obtained from other suppliers, while the manufacturer’s unique products cannot be obtained from other suppliers.
  8. The responsibility of the manufacturer is mainly to produce goods, and the control of the back-end process, such as the logistics, the support of the capital chain, and the convenience of payment methods, are not as flexible as the suppliers.
  9. The supplier has the resources of many manufacturers, and the product resources are abundant and the scope spans a wide range. For customers who have a large number of product needs and only purchase small quantity for each item, the suppliers are their best choices.
  10. Suppliers are far more capable than manufacturers in some value-added processes, such as product packaging, design, advertisements, etc.

Supplier and Manufacturer

Supplier’s advantages

From the above ten differences between supplier and manufacturer, it can be seen that suppliers have more advantages in terms of the abundance of resources, the support of back-end logistics, capital chain and other links, the added value of products, packaging, and design.

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