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Want to know how to purchase from 1688 Agent abroad, and how to choose the high-quality 1688 Agent suppliers?

Buy 1688 Agent. But, if you get to know the site, you will definit as a treasure trove. You can explore more product options.


How to buy from 1688 Agent?


1. Familiar with the 1688 Agent platform


 Alibaba comments on: Is a catalogue of Chinecatalogaler suppliers under Alibaba Almost like Alibaba, only is mainly aimed at Chinese companies.

The reason is that sometimes Chinese wholesale suppliers have inherent prejudices against Americans, Europeans, and other foreigners when quoting prices at Alibaba.

In other words, sometimes, the same suppliers you find on Alibaba and will offer higher prices for foreign companies. Here are the steps you can take to secure a minimum price (or work with 1688 Agent agents).

Whenever you complete a price negotiation for Alibaba suppliers, you can also contact the same supplier through and provide different email addresses to see if the offer is other.

If the price is similar, then everything is just fine. However, if the price difference is large, you should find out the exact cause of the difference.


Generally, you can work with Alibaba and to make sure you get the lowest price.


1688 Agent Advantages:

  • All categories of products in China
  • The best way to find a true manufacturer in China
  • The lowest price for similar products

1688 Agent Disadvantages:

  • language barrier
  • Pay security
  • Difficult to return


Buy Conclusion on 1688 Agent: This is a good choice for people who want to buy products from China at the most reasonable price.




2. Determine who handles your 1688 Agent order

If you want to wholesale directly from 1688 Agent to your country, how do you buy from 1688 Agent? In fact, you can apply for 1688 Agent agency service, they can help you find suppliers on 1688 Agent and pay, and help you to deliver to your country from China through international express service.

So, first, you need to find a 1688 Agent agent that provides the product, color, size, and quantity and other basic information about your business, such as budget price and quality control, samples, payment terms, commissions, and other information about your business issues.

Later, the agent can help you in purchasing and negotiating with the supplier on 1688 Agent to get feedback on the product and the supplier so that you can make a purchase decision, and then you can pay the order and China 1688 Agent freight.

Although the procedure is not complicated, it is important to ask and establish trust with the 1688 Agent agent to avoid the potential risk of a purchase from


 Purchased from 1,688 Options.

Usually, you have 3 options to purchase from 1688 Agent.


1, Contact the supplier directly

After registering an account, you can log into  the AliWangwang account and communicate directly with the supplier.

Or, you can find the supplier’s mobile phone number or WeChat ID on the product page, and contact the supplier through WeChat.

The rest is like buying from Alibaba, discussing product details, samples, order quantity, discounts, payment methods, etc.


  • You can bypass the middleman and talk directly to the manufacturer.
  • Most sellers on tcompareare only sold to domestic Chinese buyers. They usually give you less price than Alibaba.
  • Many vendors do not speak English, so be patient and use simple English.
  • Many comvendors do not have PayPal accounts. Their bank cards will only be the in renminbi. You must find the payment methods that they can accept.


2, purchasing buy goods

Many Chinese  websites offer purchasing services at popular online stores in China, such as Taobao, , and JD. You simply need to submit the product link on their website. They will then help you purchase your products from the 1688 Agent vendors.

When all of your orders arrive at their warehouse, they will integrate and repackage them for you and send them to you through different shipping methods.


  • The benefits of these sites are a simple procedure and a good shopping experience.
  • The whole process is like you are shopping on AliExpress.
  • They also offer PayPal or credit card payment options.
  • They will not help you find your products or suppliers.
  • Nor will they help you check the quantity and quality of your order.
  • You need to find your own target products and suppliers on the com!
  • Their mode of transport applies only to small orders, and they do not provide air, rail, ,CL or sea transport for bulk orders.


3. Hire 1688 Agent 

If you are in Google orAlibabaa. Search on com, you can find many  or .

They provide more professional and comprehensive services. Usually, you just need to provide a picture of your needs or the product, and the rest will be done for you.

  • They usually provide more services, such as purchasing products and manufacturers, samples, custom products, customs clearance, more modes of transportation, etc.
  • Their service is one-to-one, which means you can get a timely and personalized service.
  • Many of them are proficient in foreign languages, and you can communicate with them in your local language.
  • They only like big customers, big orders, and if you have small orders, they will charge a high commission, or their reaction may not be as positive.




3. 1688 Agent Find a good supplier


 How to buy English from 1688 Agent?

The entire site is written in Chinese. So you have two ways to find the product you want on 1688 Agent.

1666 Agent Supplier

1. Use Google Translation.

In the search bar, enter the relevant keywords of the desired product or click on the camera icon to search for the image Is a platform for providing a wide variety of different quality products. First, determine what kind of product you want, and then enter the relevant keywords in the search bar of the site.

You will get a variety of related products from different suppliers.


2. Search by the figure on 1688 Agent.

Another way to search for products is “1688 Agent image search”. Click the camera icon in the upper-right corner of the search bar.

Using this option, you can upload images of the product you want to search for, so the site displays a list of related products.

1688 Agent Sourcing



4. Verify the supplier you found on 1688 Agent


Honesty pass, annual of fee 6688 yuan. As long as you have a business license, you can apply for it. (Membership fees are the lowest, so it is impossible to select quality merchants.

Some people say: the longer the credit time, the better the seller. I can’t fully agree, because as long as you pay on time every year and don’t close the online store, you can automatically upgrade. Whether you’re a good business or not, either.

Years can not prove that you are a quality business, nor can it prove that you are not a quality business. So the chances of finding a good supplier using this method are 20% or even 10%)



Strength merchants (strength merchants logo for cow head), women’s wear industry membership annual fee 58,000, non-women’s wear industry membership annual fee 28,000.

The premise is that you must first join the integrity pass, the company’s registered capital is at least 50w. This threshold is higher, equivalent to an upgraded version, screening out relatively high-quality suppliers.

Generally speaking, the choice that has strength is still ok, but this is not enough! At this point, we have a 60% chance of finding good suppliers.



In-depth factory inspection and deep enterprise inspection (deep test plant and deep test manufacturer. If you are a manufacturer, you can apply for an in-depth evaluation. If you are of a non-factory type, you can only apply for an in-depth business investigation.

So this is much more reliable than the general strength of the business spectrum.

Compared to the in-depth enterprise inspection, I prefer the in-depth factory inspection, because the manufacturers can guarantee their products and offer low prices.

At this point, we have an 80% chance of finding a good supplier. But that’s not enough! I want a higher success rate!



In all the in-depth inspection of the vendors, click on the “File Report” of the “Company profile” to view the number and scale of the company’s personnel. It is recommended to consider more than one supplier, at least 50 people, preferably more than 100 people.

The more the quantity, the better. General big companies why raise so many people, because the quality is relatively more guaranteed. So far, we can find a good supplier with a success rate of 98%!

There is another point: if it is a clothing supplier, the style often change, it is necessary to worry about the seller to steal the picture, a little unreliable! If the model is always the same person, it means it was shot in real life, which means the supplier is more reliable.


Final conclusion: high quality 1688 Agent merchants = strength merchants + depth inspection factory + many employees.




5. Purchase correctly according to procedure 1688 Agent

So, how to buy from 1688 Agent to avoid product defects? Usually, we have some suggestions for the next step.


 Do not choose the cheapest product


When you buy from 1688 Agent, you must be very careful to sell at the Amazon store. At least 5-10 suppliers are quoted, and their prices are usually different.

You may tend to choose the cheapest supplier to maximize your profits. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake made by new Amazon sellers. They choose the cheapest supplier and will most likely end up getting low quality products.


 Why can some 1688 Agent suppliers give you low prices?

This comes at the expense of product quality. It may be that the supplier uses inferior materials, cheap labor and old equipment to give you this low price. Although the cost is low in the short term, the quality of the final product is problematic, and the cost will be higher in the long run.

For example, when I contacted 7 Amazon product suppliers at 1688 Agent,6 gave me an offer of $15- $1.7, but 1 gave me an offer of $0.90. Such suppliers are very questionable. Why does everyone charge for between $1.50 and $1.7 0 per piece, while the supplier can offer the same product at almost half the price?

Usually, the reason is the lower quality of the product.


 Buy samples first

During the buy from 1688 Agent sampling process, you need to ensure receipt of samples from the final production unit.

Usually, the supplier promises to solve any minor problems in the production process. Don’t believe. Ensure that the final sample must be in the full version.

In some cases, this is impossible. For example, before mass production, some suppliers may not have the right equipment to provide the final custom packaging. Alternatively, a custom mold may be needed to make the item. In these cases, the final version is available only available at the beginning of production.

All you can do, though, is ask the supplier to start production and send pictures and videos. This gives you a clear look of the final product and adjusts as needed.

Sure, this is not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing. But in general, you can see the final sample in advance, which will become a golden way for you to cooperate with any manufacturer in the future.


  • Prepare specific requirements

Add a detailed description of the product to guarantee a single contract, which you can write down all the required details of the technology, clearly, just in case.

As specific and detailed as possible. Include all dimensions and dimensions, materials used, weight of articles, function, material description, functional description, etc. The more detailed the description, the greater the chance of winning any controversy about product quality.

At the same time, show the supplier that product quality is your primary consideration and that you do not accept any defective products. This will put extra pressure on them to get things right from the start.


  • Do quality control

The next important step is when your product is manufactured. To prevent receipt of defective goods, it is necessary to arrange pre-shipment inspection when the goods are still with the Chinese manufacturer.

Inspection is the only way to check the quality of the product and for your supplier to solve any problem because they will want to get the remaining payment from you.





 Buy the challenges you may face on 1688 Agent 

If any foreigner decides to buy from, things can be difficult because the market does not cater to international customers. Here are five top challenges that you may face as a foreign user.


1. Language barriers Is a domestic market that serves only the local buyers and suppliers in mainland China.

With this fact in mind, the market site is Mandarin, which foreigners cannot understand unless they understand the language.


2. Payment method problems:

-Only local payments are allowed

As the domestic market, 1688 Agent only provides local payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, and company or personal bank accounts.

Chinese providers only accept RMB, so you must convert US dollars into RMB. Another way is to hire local agents as middlemen to pay the bills in China.


3. Delivery mode problems:

-Only local transportation is allowed

Since, suppliers have only shipped in China. They were unable to conduct international transport because they have no transport network.

If you purchase from, you will need either an export agent or a freight forwarder, who can take your order from the supplier and deliver it to your door.


4. Product quality verification The product provided is not quality verified. So the seller can sell anything they want.

To ensure quality purchase, you must conduct a quality inspection. To do this, check the verification marks on seller information, quality certification, number of employees, and number of previous orders.

Make sure to order the sample product before the actual order.


5. Suppliers usually do not export abroad Suppliers mainly work for inland customers, so they do not have export licenses because they do not need them. If you purchase goods from as a foreign buyer, exporting your product will be your issue of hiring an export agent.

It is best to find a supplier with an export license so that transporting the product will not be a problem.


6. High quality 1688 Agent supplier with high minimum starting order

The products produced by suppliers for the first time are prone to quality problems.

The minimum order quantity will also affect the product defect rate. A large factory with a good reputation, their minimum order is 2000. You have managed to reduce the minimum order quantity to 500 pieces.

It also means that your order isn’t that important to them. They are used to dealing with big companies worth millions of pounds because they order thousands of products at a time. That’s why the minimum standards for large manufacturers are very high. There are exceptions, but overall, their attitude is not as good as some other small companies.





 Avoid fraud when shopping from

If you want to shop easily from, be sure to follow the key points to get a seamless online shopping experience.


1. Online pictures cannot judge the quality of products

Ultimately, is a marketplace to sell products online. As a foreign buyer, it is difficult for you to personally check the quality of your products, so you will not be able to judge the quality of your products through the pictures.

However, one solution is to ask for the samples. Samples can help you predetermine the material and quality of the product.


2. Don’t buy big, heavy products from the Is not the best choice to buy large and heavy parts products. If you want to do this, please be sure to read the instructions and ask about the quality of the materials and the mode of transportation.

Don’t forget to order the samples. Heavy products are difficult to ship internationally and can cost you a lot of shipping.


3. Check the refund / return policy before confirming the order Support buyers by providing a refund or return policy. Be sure to confirm that these policies are included in the final proposal before placing an order.

If the supplier delays your order or fails to deliver (out of stock), you can request a refund at any time.


4. Collect the verification certificates from the seller / supplier

1688 Agent Before placing an order, you must verify the authenticity of the merchant. Some of the factors indicating authenticity include the blue verification check mark on the supplier data, the authenticity badge, more employees and other symbols on the vendor data.


5. Do not transfer the money to your personal account

When purchasing from 1688 Agent, always remember to request payment using a company bank account. Authentic suppliers always register bank accounts in their corporate name.

Avoid remittances to any individual or personal account because it can be a scam.


6. Only confirm orders from suppliers who are willing to deliver samples

Be sure to request samples before 1688 Agent. If the supplier is true, he will be happy to agree to your request.

If the supplier is not willing to send samples, the supplier may be a liar. Another situation is that the supplier does not have the sample at hand, even if it lists the pictures on the Internet.


7. Review the suppliers’ comments on the orders before confirmation

1688 Agent Seller profile reviews will tell you the supplier history. You can always view reviews to determine if a supplier offers a quality product.

If you want to shop easily from, be sure to follow the key points to get a seamless online shopping experience.


8. 1688 Agent High-Risk Product Category

Electronic products are in the high-risk category on 1688 Agent, and these products have many possible problems. If you are not dealing with large and established manufacturers, you will take a high risk and deal with a large number of defective products.

Another high risk category is any product involving sewing, such as clothing, shoes, covers, bags, accessories, etc. Not only worry about size, sewing quality and materials used, but many factories in China are currently unable to sew quality products that meet foreign standards.





 Conclusion of how to buy goods on 1688 Agent

It is suggested that the first two to three orders of 1688 Agent should send to our warehouse. We can then check each item for defects, and products with no quality issues can be sent to your Amazon FBA warehouse. This prevents early bad reviews due to quality problems, which will significantly affect the product rankings.

Later, if the first order of the 1688 Agent new supplier is available, you can consider sending the delivery directly from the supplier to Amazon or your country.

In addition to buying on 1688 Agent, as the best Chinese purchasing company, we can also help you to purchase the best products from China.-about us


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