2022 Shoe Rack Wholesale Market Guide

There are many styles of shoe rack wholesale on the market. When choosing, it is easy to make choices difficult. I don’t know how to choose the right shoe rack. This article will bring the 2022 shoe rack wholesale market guide.

shoe rack wholesale

shoe rack wholesale

1. How to choose a shoe rack

1.Size selection: choose the size of the shoe rack according to the number of shoes. There are many sizes of shoe racks. Those with a lot of shoes can choose a slightly larger shoe rack, and those with fewer shoes can choose a smaller shoe rack. What is right for you is what matters.

2.Material selection: shoe racks can be divided into wooden shoe racks, metal shoe racks, and plastic shoe racks according to different materials. The placement point is also the basis for purchasing, because plastic shoe racks and wooden shoe racks cannot be placed in direct sunlight, which is easy to age and crack.

3.If the shoe rack is placed in an outdoor area such as a balcony, it is recommended to choose a metal shoe rack, which has a longer service life. If placed indoors, you can choose plastic shoe racks or wooden shoe racks. Buy according to the interior style, and some buy ready-made shoe racks in the bedroom to store shoes. Generally, wooden shoe racks and metal shoe racks are more durable, so you can choose and buy from a long-term perspective when purchasing.

shoe rack wholesale

shoe rack wholesale

2. Precautions for the purchase of shoe racks

1.There can be as many partitions as possible inside the shoe rack wholesale, so that it is convenient to distinguish men’s shoes, women’s shoes, often worn and infrequently worn in future use. Such a shoe rack can not only make the inside of the shoe rack beautiful, but also facilitate taking out shoes.

2.Small-sized families can install built-in or hanging shoe racks, which can save more space; if the apartment is larger, you can consider installing high-rise, double-door and high-function shoe racks for convenience. It can also be equipped with a special shoe changing stool for the shoe rack.

3.The living area of many working families is small, especially some old-style units. These families may wish to choose some ultra-thin shoe racks on the market. Although their volume is only 1/2 of the traditional shoe rack, the clever sliding rod design increases the capacity of the shoe rack. Or design the shoe rack door as a sliding door, and the shoe rack thickness should not be too large, so that it can store 10 pairs of shoes.

4.The shoe rack wholesale should not only play the role of a “shelter”. The appearance of some shoe racks is made of mirror veneer, which is convenient for dressing before going out; shoe racks with small stools are convenient for family members to put on and take off shoes without occupying any Space; the porch shoe rack can not only put shoes, but also put umbrellas, keys and other intimate functions.

shoe rack wholesale

shoe rack wholesale

5.When purchasing a shoe rack, look at the material of the shoe rack. If it is wood or MDF, it depends on the inside and outside, because the different temperatures inside and outside will cause the plate to deform, the life span is only one year and it will volatilize harmful substances. , Only the electronic shoe rack of double-layer metal material can be durable for ten years. In addition, depending on the craftsmanship, do not patronize and appreciate the appearance, but also pay attention to whether there are any flaws in the interior.

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