4 Best Storage Tips For Bulky Blankets from Wholesale Blankets Storage Manufacturer

4 Tips For Bulky Blankets Storage from Blankets Manufacturer

Do you know how to store blankets? Are you always confused about how to fold your blanket nicely? Most adults don’t how to do Blankets Storage. There are many kinds of blankets storage in life, with different sizes, materials, styles and weights. This is indeed a tricky task. Different types of blankets have different folding methods. We need to find the right methods. This is the most difficult part of storing blankets. For example, a heavy, large blanket might not fit on a regular shelf; limited closet space and small rooms can limit blanket storage to some extent. It’s hard to store blankets in an aesthetically pleasing place while keeping them easily accessible. So, to better help customers organize their blankets, we’ve put together the following tips.

Blankets Storage

Blankets Storage–How to Store Wool Blankets

Nothing feels warmer than a wool blanket in the cold winter. Unlike handmade quilts, wool blankets are made of materials that are susceptible to pests, especially moths and beetles. So, when storing wool blankets, we can put them in airtight plastic storage bags or large plastic containers to protect them from flying insects. When storing wool blankets, we must ensure that the storage environment is completely dry. That’s why we have introduced wicker baskets for storing wool blankets. Just like Bucur suggests. “Wicker is a great material for wool blankets because it keeps them dry and well-aired.”

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Blankets Storage–How to Store Down Blankets

As long as this hotel is a five-star hotel, he will definitely provide down blankets. Down blankets symbolize the luxury of a five-star hotel, but they are the least likely to be stored. Down blankets not only take up space, they are also extremely prone to dust collection.

After DOWELL’s brainstorming, we finally came up with a good way to store down blankets – one that can be kept clean and sanitized while hiding the blanket. The protection of down blankets and duvets is very important. First, we need to wash them properly and then store them in airtight, recyclable containers or zippered or airtight bags. We can make the blanket smell extra fresh by tossing in regular household laundry detergent while we wash. Also, when storing down blankets, we can put a dryer sheet or two to keep them smelling fresh.

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Blankets Storage–How to Store Throw Blankets

In daily life, we often habitually put a throw blanket in the living room. They can not only create a relaxed atmosphere in the living room but are also light and easy to manage. Also easier to store. Generally, there are at most two throw blankets in the living room, neatly stacked on the armrest or back of the sofa. Practical and convenient. Of course, the blanket can also be folded up and put into a large basket or suitcase. Throw blankets are affordable, take up little space, and add a different flavor to our lives.

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Blankets Storage–Small-Space Blanket Storage Ideas

Are you often troubled by the small room? Bulky blankets take up most of your room. Therefore, we must learn to use every available, unused part that the space offers. If you’re short on space, the secret to storing blankets is to take advantage of the dead space next to the ceiling. We can install floating shelves, preferably ones with built-in hangers, on the wall near the ceiling to increase the storage capacity of the room tenfold. However, while this storage method is great, be careful not to store wool or cotton blankets near the ceiling.

Blankets Storage

After sharing so much, have you learned it all? If you want to know more about storage, please contact me~


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