4 Wholesale Home Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

With the shortage of land resources and the skyrocketing housing prices, small houses have attracted more and more attention. But most people are full of doubts about the residential function of the small apartment. Many people realize that the living environment needs to be both livable and well laid out.

Therefore, for people living in small apartments, it is extremely important to achieve reasonable indoor wholesale home Storage and make full use of the limited living space. So, what are the wholesale home Storage design methods for small apartments?

The wholesale home Storage Solutions for Small Apartments
The wholesale home Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

1. Tap The Wholesale Home Storage Potential Upwards

For small apartments, it is very important to make full use of every inch of space to store objects. If the horizontal distance of the space is not enough, then you should consider using the vertical area. For example, if the vertical space in the room has enough height, you can use the ceiling and floor space to make a wholesale home Storage space or place a simple cube wholesale home Storage unit between the cabinet and the ceiling to extend the wholesale home Storage space.

2. Extend Downward Storage

Extending downward means increasing the storage space according to the space between the soft decoration and the ground. For example, we can appropriately increase the height of the bed, use the space under the bed to set up a storage closet, or design a cube shelf with drawers to increase wholesale home Storage space. Some drawers provide enough space so that there is no need for a large number of shelves and a solid oak cube storage unit beside the bed.

Placing a wicker hamper with a lid or folding chair trolley cart under the sofa or beside the sofa can also increase the storage space of the room appropriately.

3. Clever Use of Corner Areas

There are always many scattered blind spots in space that are easily overlooked. If these spaces can be used cleverly, they will bring unexpected surprises. We can place laundry basket storage racks around the corner or against the wall, or add decorative shelving units or built-in shelves to place books or small items to increase wholesale home Storage space.

The corner area under the stairs can be used as a deck to form a comfortable restaurant. The places under the stairs and the handrails can be used to design display cabinets, which not only show the owner’s hobbies but also show the owner’s home taste.

The design of the stairs is too powerful. The above design exerts the maximum wholesale home Storage function of the space. Everything can be stored to keep the space tidy and beautiful. A small apartment house rarely has a satisfactory study. You might as well make use of the corner unit bookcase under the stairs to design a very practical small study of your own.

4. For the Kitchen and Bathroom Corners, the Design Method is As Follows:

The corner of the kitchen is mainly designed with wall-mounted cabinet storage, which not only keeps the space clean and tidy but also expands the utilization rate of the space. The design of the partition makes it more convenient to take things, but it is easy to get dust, so it should be cleaned in time. The corner of the kitchen can be used as a pantry shelving unit, which is very practical and convenient.

The bathroom has the smallest things. Partitions can be designed on both sides of the wash basin to store toiletries to keep the space tidy.

The above three wholesale home Storage design methods are extremely important for the use of limited living space.

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