5 Bulk Clothing Storage Tips When Changing Seasons

Every time the season changes, assorting and cleaning our clothes will become an important thing which will cost much of our time. Today, we will show you some bulk clothing storage tips that can make the whole process more easier for you.

1. Cut Off and Abandon Meaningless Things

Remember that, the first step of bulk clothing storage is always abandon meaningless things. It can help you save a lot of space. Like those deformed loose T-shirts, pants that you think you can wear after losing weight, clothes that you bought on impulse but obviously don’t match your style, don’t lie to yourself, you won’t wear them, just deal with them decisively while the seasons change. Throw it away or give it away, you will find that the closet is much empty, and the bulk clothing storage will be much easier.

2. Cleaning

When you’ve decided what clothes to leave behind, treat them with care.

If you don’t want to find moldy spots or old stains that can’t be cleaned when take out your clothes next year, find a sunny day to wash and dry them before storage.

Don’t be lazy if you should send it to dry cleaning. Treat your favorite clothes carefully to make them last longer.

3. Bulk Clothing Storage

Throwing things is of no difficulties, and it will cost little energy for you to put your clothes in the washing machine or send them to the dry cleaners. But when it comes to storage, it will be much more nerve-wracking, and I will share with you some tips of bulk clothing storage.

1)Clothes stand

I usually hang the clothes that I will wear mostly on the clothes stand, also the coats and bags, which are very convenient to take and also complies with the principle of “nearest collection”.

Clothes stand

2)Storage basket

This is my secret weapon of trousers storage. Although I have seen many trouser racks in cloakroom, and have also tried buying some clothes hangers with clips to hang them or multi-functional trousers racks. I finally found them all not convenient and discarded them.

Finally, I found below kind of storage basket, which saves space and is convenient for storage after folding the pants, it’s very suitable for me and it is also not very expensive.

Storage basket


Clothes divider boards can be bought and placed in undivided lockers, and some large items such as sheets, quilts, and mats can be placed, so that the space can be used more efficiently and reasonably.


4)Vacuum compression bag

In the past, I tried to fold my winter coat and put it in the storage box under the bed. Later, I found that it not only took up space, but also felt crumpled and uncomfortable when I took it out the next year.

In my lazy thinking, “if it’s not necessary, don’t increase the volume”, so I thought of buying a vacuum compression bag to seal the coat, and then take it out and wear it when winter comes. It really can free up a lot of space.

Vacuum compression bag

5)Storage drawers

The drawer is truly a good invention of mankind.

The underwear storage box I bought in the past was the kind of storage box that have many grids and can be piled up. But there was a problem, the bottom layer would not be very convenient to take out and it will take up a lot of space if you lay it flat rather than pile them up. And for some lazy one like me, divide all socks and put them into grids is really an inconvenient thing.

So now, I have bought a few drawers for storing underwear, panties, socks, vests, etc. They are not separated into a grid, and the drawers will not look messy when they are closed.

Storage drawers

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