5 OEM Clothing Storage Tips for Out-of-Season

The coat closet has been working overtime to store all my winter jackets, boots, and assorted cold-weather accessories in the house for months after winter — and, honestly, not very well. You surely need 5 OEM clothing storage tips to help you.

What we were looking for was often not found, and casualties in our overburdened cloakroom included a recently purchased ski glove that couldn’t be found no matter how much you looked for it. So now that spring is here, I’m ready to lighten its load and pack our bulky coats and winter gear — and, maybe find that glove.

But storing seasonal clothing isn’t as simple as tossing everything into a cardboard box and putting it in the attic. In fact, don’t do this unless you want to shorten its lifespan (see below for why). Here are 5 OEM clothing storage tips for Out-of-Season

1. OEM Clothing Storage Tips– Clean clothing before you store it away.

It may seem simple, but many seasonal garments — like coats and sweaters — aren’t items you usually wash after each wear. Make an effort to wash them or let them dry clean before saying goodbye to the season. Perfume, sweat, and body oils can all attract insects (including your dreaded enemy No. 1 in your closet: moths). Untreated stains will only darken over time. (This also applies to your bedding. To learn how to clean a wool blanket, see Expert Advice: How to Clean a Wool Blanket, 5 Tips.) Note: If you’re dry cleaning something, don’t size it because the starch will also Attract pests.


2. OEM Clothing Storage Tips–Learn what to hang—and how to properly do it.

It might be nice to hang that cardigan on a hanger when you go to get it every week, but when it needs to be stored for the season, it’s best to fold it. As a general rule, anything that will deform — knitwear, synthetics, and silks — should be folded for long-term storage. Coats can be hung; avoid wire hangers, opt for wood or padded hangers, which provide more support. It’s best to hang your pants on a hanger that has two boards so you don’t wrinkle them.

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3. OEM Clothing Storage Tips–Say no to plastic or cardboard packaging.

Your clothes need to breathe. Dry cleaner plastic bags, plastic boxes, and cardboard packaging – trap your clothes inside and you risk mold, insects, and yellowing. The best storage containers for seasonal clothing are made of linen or cotton.

4. OEM Clothing Storage Tips–Pretreat for moths

For extra moth protection, consider adding lavender sachets to your seasonal clothes. Lavender is fragrant to us but hated by moths. But no matter how much you want to keep your sweater from breaking, stay away from moth balls, which are toxic not only to moths but to humans and their pets as well.

5. OEM Clothing Storage Tips–Store in a dark, cool, dry spot.

This means basements and attics are off-limits, as these two areas tend to be damp and moldy. Many closets have a tall shelf perfect for storing your out-of-season wardrobe.

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