5 Storage Tips Teach You How to Better Keep Your Room Tidy

Everyone loves a clean room, right? Every day we searched for storage tips and spend a lot of time tidying up our little home. Every day, we have some little troubles because we don’t know how to better store. Don’t worry, as a home storage manufacturer and furniture storage enthusiast, we are looking forward to sharing storage tips with you. Let’s see how DOWELL does it~

Storage Tips 1: Different Foods Can Be Served According to the Packaging

As snacks, we must have a lot of snacks at home, right? Cookies, bread, etc. are packed in a bag, For these snacks, we can use a plastic storage box to store them. Not only is it beautiful and neat, but you can find the snacks you want at a glance. Canned food such as canned fruit can be neatly placed on the kitchen countertop or in the storage cabinet. It is also very convenient to take it when you need it. There are also many bottled beverages such as Coca-cola, which are naturally placed in the refrigerator and can be iced so that they have a unique flavor when drinking.

Storage Tips

Storage Tips 2: Hang Accessories Outside Your Closet So You Can Easily See Them when Dressing

We can hang a hook on the wardrobe, you can put some of your accessories, such as necklaces, hats, scarves, and ties. If you wake up late in the morning, you will no longer have to rummage through boxes to find things.

Storage Tips

Storage Tips 3: Buy Drawers and Containers to Keep Everything Organized

The square storage box is the best for storage. You can buy transparent storage boxes so you can see what you put in at a glance. Of course, you can also buy some colorful storage boxes to add some color to your room and make your room warmer.

Storage Tips

Storage Tips 4: Label Your Containers So You Know What Belongs Where

Labeling your containers is very important! You must have been troubled by two identical bottles before. It’s too long to remember clearly what’s in each bottle. So, be sure to label your containers so you know what’s inside even if you don’t open them later.

Storage Tips

Storage Tips 5: Use a Transparent Container

All kinds of transparent containers are actually very beautiful. It’s hard to remember all the press-bottomed jars. When we were young, we always liked to put some small things in jars, but when we grew up, we slowly forgot what was in the jars. Sometimes the jars are even thrown away as trash. So, let’s try a transparent container, it’s simple and elegant, and you can see what’s inside at a glance.

Storage Tips

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