6 Creative Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions

The kitchen is the place to cook delicious food, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the clutter of bottles and clutter. This is where kitchen storage is crucial. The purpose of doing a good job in wholesale kitchen storage is to make full use of every cubic meter, and even the space on the wall should not be wasted. As kitchen design has evolved, so have storage solutions for kitchen and household items. Today, you can find a variety of unique, creative, and functional cabinet storage and organization possibilities. Here are nine creative kitchen cabinet organization solutions to spark your every obsessive desire.

Dry powder seasoning bottle Wholesale Kitchen Storage OEM

If the condiment bottles at home are not organized and are all original bags and bottles, they are placed in different sizes and shapes, which are not beautiful.

Some big bags of seasonings are not only used once for a long time, and they take up space outside; it is also difficult to control the amount each time, and it is easy to sprinkle more. This unified spice jar is so compact that it can be poured into the first drawer next to the cooktop. Standard size narrow drawers fit just right in three columns and four rows.

When cooking, it is very refreshing to pull and push the drawer to get the seasoning, and it does not stick to the oil smoke.
Comes with a tear-off label sticker, write the name of the seasoning with a white marker, and feels inexplicably comfortable in an instant.

Liquid seasoning bottling Wholesale Kitchen Storage OEM

The following are liquid seasonings such as oil, vinegar, and soy sauce.
Similar liquids are bottled, and in summary, two words: easy to use! You no longer have to worry about me pouring too much seasoning, and no need to worry about accidentally spilling it on the outside. How much you want to pour is very precise! In this way, you can buy more affordable large bottles and large cans of seasonings from your favorite brands, and package them yourself to improve the kitchen environment and aesthetics.

Layered shelf Wholesale Kitchen Storage OEM

There are a lot of short bottles and jars in the cabinet, and the storage rack in the picture below is very practical when you have dishes and bowls! Unconsciously, the cabinet can be divided into several layers, so as to put more things.


Cutlery drawer organizer Wholesale Kitchen Storage OEM

Do you not like to put tableware outside and like to store it in drawers? So the question is, have you ever experienced a situation where a lot of chopsticks, forks, and spoons are messed up together, and it is difficult to make a pair of chopsticks? Check out this artifact below! Forks, rice spoons, and other utensils can be sorted into different categories! Very easy to pick and place.

Refrigerator Drawer Organizer & Deodorant Wholesale Kitchen Storage OEM

Refrigerator storage boxes of different sizes and placed various dishes in different categories. Meat is placed on the top tier to minimize the odor streaking to other vegetables. All kinds of vegetables are also classified into different drawers, so as to avoid the situation where the vegetables cannot be found or the things that cannot be remembered to eat are broken!

Also, put it in a special fresh-keeping box. When taking eggs in the carton you bought, take out the whole box, open the inner layer of the lid, and then take the eggs. The crisper can be easily accessed by simply flipping the lid upwards, and of course, the capacity is larger. The activated carbon refrigerator deodorizer can be easily attached to the inner wall of the refrigerator. Remember to replace it with a new one every three months!

Storage Cabinets & Kitchen Trolleys Wholesale Kitchen Storage OEM

It’s great for kitchen storage, or in a closet! With transparent drawers, you don’t have to worry about the food being airtight, and you can easily see what is on which layer from the outside.

The storage box is measured in advance with a ruler to measure the size of the closet so that you can buy the right size and put it in. The bottom is for baking supplies because it is the least commonly used; the middle is enlarged bottled seasoning;

The top is some north-south dry goods. Put some garbage bags and shopping bags in the top two small boxes. This box is easy to take and stack together to save space. It is an indispensable helper for kitchen storage. For more Wholesale Kitchen Storage solutions,click here to get.

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