8 Best Selling Wholesale Food Containers 2022

In recent years, wholesale food containers have become one of the common imported products for importers. This article will show you 8 best selling wholesale food containers 2022. Most of  importers are Amazon sellers, importers, wholesalers, and retail stores.

We’ve learned a lot from the wholesale food container market so let’s see what will be the best selling in 2022. (Takes about 2 minutes to read)

1. 14PCS Cereal Wholesale Food Containers Set

As the best selling wholesale food container on Amazon, the cereal storage container is going to be the next hot item to sell in all kinds of supermarkets for the retail market. Our 14-piece airtight storage containers can meet your different capacity requirements, and five different capacity specifications can meet your different storage needs. The practical and versatile food storage container set is your best choice! It’s a value pack and always attracts many customers.

14 pcs set supplier

14 PCS Cereal Storage Containers Set

2. 5PCS Leak-Proof  Wholesale Food Containers

Many customers will consider leakproofness when choosing a food storage container. So wholesale food container buyers will need leak-proof food storage containers. With 2 specially designed locks at the side and a seal ring at the lid, our products provide a mess-free, spill-free food storage solution.

OEM Leak-Proof Food Storage Containers

5 PCS Leak-Proof Food Storage Containers

3. Bulk Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags

The best sales point for reusable food storage bags is eco-friendly. Most of the material used in this wholesale food container is silicone which is better than other plastics

because no harm elements when heated. It’s welcomed in most Europe countries where they are hoping for less plastic material use.

Food Storage Bags Chinese Supplier

Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bags

4. Fridge Drawer Organizer Set in Bulk

Your fridge keeps your food fresh. But what you really need is to keep everything tidy and clean in your fridge. This Fridge Drawer Organizer is great for taking advantage of dead spots in your fridge and organizing small items that help create more space so you can put vegetables, fruits, drinks, eggs, and everything in order.

Fridge Drawer Organizer Wholesale

Fridge Drawer Organizer Set

5. Oem Airtight Plastic Food Storage Box

When a food storage box comes with a air tight lid, it will be a hot selling item. This item is transparent, which helps us to see inside, and the food storage box is light and easy to carry; the food storage box is made of filth-resistant material, which makes the product look like new after each cleaning, and this material can effectively prevent odor. So wholesale food container suppliers will catch this point and provide a best selling product.

Airtight Plastic Food Storage Box

6. Wholesale Wall Mounted Food Dispenser

As long as it keeps food fresh, sometimes a product for food storage doesn’t have to be in the kitchen. A wall mounted food dispenser can be fixed, no need to take time to find the storage box. Dry food dispensers have a sealing strip on the lid to keep the food fresh. Turn the switch, the output will be quantitative, without crushing and wasting food. A detachable cereal dispenser container is convenient for filling and cleaning. Our food dispenser, with 1 cup, can be used to hold food and can also be used as a lid at the outlet.

FoodWholesale Dispenser Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Food Dispenser


7. 16 PCS Wholesale Food Containers

Another value pack.The most competitive price for wholesale food container business. These food container sets with lids are resistant to chemical and acid degradation, so you don’t need to worry about the container heating up and releasing harmful toxins into your food, making it 100% safe to eat. It is the most classic design, and classic ones are always hot selling.

Wholesale food container

16 PCS Food Storage Containers

8. Custom New Type Refrigerator Storage Containers

Refrigerator storage containers with 2 dividers and drain basket. The divider can be used vertically or horizontally, and you can put mixed food into one container. Great Plastic Produce Saver Container makes your refrigerator look neat and organized. These Plastic Produce Saver Containers come with a strainer basket that you can use as a colander, and a distance from the bottom to separate water droplets from food. With many sales points, this could be the next hot selling for Amazon wholesale food container.

Plastic Produce Saver Container

New Type Refrigerator Storage Containers

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