9 Tips for A Tiny But Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage

Bigger isn’t always better for kitchens: Lately, we’ve noticed that many small kitchens are reviving the small kitchen concept – so much so that we called it a trend a few years ago. Here are 9 Tips for a Tiny but Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage These new kitchenettes are edgy, efficient, and have no shortage of style.

1. Resist the Urge to Install Silos Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage.

These are a big waste of space in a small kitchen, instead, use a dining table, or place a table flat on the wall (painted the same color as the wall) and flip it out when needed.

Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage

OEM Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid

2. Install Daily Necessities Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage.

Just below the countertop, on either side of the sink or tub, there are pull-out cutting boards. No need to buy and store cutting boards – they’re always ready. Speaking of small kitchens, practice smart storage: In the same garage apartment, low built-in storage cabinets hide dishes and food (and don’t clutter the kitchen).

OEM Kitchen Storage
3. Recruit Multitaskers Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage.

We recommend purchasing a combination oven/microwave to provide dual-use (and save space). Or consider a compact high-speed oven: see Remodeling 101: Beyond the Microwave, the High-Speed ​​​​Oven.

Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage

4. Clean out the Storage Room.

Challenge how much food you really need to store. Do you need those dry bags?
Pegboards are versatile and offer endless storage possibilities. For more information, see Multifunction Features.

Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid OEM

5. Utilize Wall Space for Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage.

Knives and utensils can be stored on the wall, and a pegboard, peg rail, or track system can be installed to hang kitchen tools and take advantage of vertical space.

Bulk Plastic Food Storage

6. Rethink the Stovetop for Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage.

How often do you actually use all four burners on your stove? A two-burner cooktop (along with an oven/microwave) is all you need for a good dinner. Washing dishes by hand becomes easier when you have the right tools.

OEM Kitchen Storage
7. Wash the Dishes by Hand for Efficient OEM Kitchen Storage.

Do you really need a dishwasher unless you plan on entertaining a lot? We happen to think that washing dishes by hand can be fun if you have the right tools – more on that here. If you can’t imagine life without one, a dish drawer might be the answer.

kitchen storage supplier
8. Find the Ideal Dish — but Be Honest About How Much You Need.

Use utensils sparingly. For very small spaces, find “bowls that double as dinner plates, soup plates, and cereal bowls, as well as glasses that double as wine, beer, and water glasses.” Don’t over-buy in case you have a big banquet one day: you’re likely to entertain at most how many people? Maybe six, so you only need six bowls.

Fridge Drawer Organizer Wholesale

9. Scale Down the Refrigerator.

Most refrigerators are the size of a small car, and probably bigger than your new kitchenette. Think small: A good under-counter refrigerator is a must. The Liebherr UK 1550 has a lot to offer.
A larger U-shaped kitchen was demonstrated in this Oakland studio apartment, and a small but striking black kitchenette was installed, including a gold backsplash. Check out Auckland’s charming studio apartment that feels like a bedroom.

OEM Kitchen Storage

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