11 Kitchen Cabinets Suggestions from Food Storage Manufacturer

The location and style of my makeshift homes often varied widely, but most had a few things in common: small bathrooms, limited storage, and a big gap.

Especially in apartments – if you install standard-sized cabinets flush with the ceiling, you’ll never be able to access them – but it doesn’t reduce the emptiness The space is awkward.

Most of the time I just let the space above the cabinet go to waste, but there are ways you can put it to better use – as a display for decorations, extra storage, or both. We have some ideas for decorating above the kitchen cabinets.


1. Use the logo as a focal point–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

One of the problems I often have with decorating above cabinets is that a lot of the trim looks dwarfed in front of large openings. If you want the space to look “full,” you’re going to have to wrap it up with decor.

However, an easy solution is to use the logo as a focal point above the cabinets. You can find cute options on Etsy, Amazon, and even stores like Michaels, and from there, you can simply place decorations like faux flowers on each side for a balanced design.

2. Add to the basket–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

When in doubt, a basket is always a good choice. This kitchen tops the cabinets with an impressive array of baskets – different shapes and sizes help create visual interest, but consistent colors provide a cohesive look. Plus, you can always add some decorative vases or faux plants to break up the display.

3. Pack some plants–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

Plants can make any space feel more inviting, and I love the eclectic greenery on these kitchen counters. However, I’ll be the first to admit that putting a plant that high requires a lot of maintenance (assuming you’re using the real one).

You have to crawl there regularly to water them, which is almost certainly too much effort for a lazy gardener like me. However, you can create a similar look with fake plants that you just need to dust occasionally.

4. Get creative with flea market finds–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

Brand new ornaments can be quite expensive, but if you don’t mind a more rustic look, you can definitely find budget-friendly options at your local flea market, thrift store, or even a nearby yard sale. This guy created a cool farmhouse-inspired display out of an old window frame, breaking it down with an oversized cutting board.

5. Create additional storage–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

If you have a smaller kitchen, why not use the space above the cabinets for extra storage? With the help of a few baskets or bins, you’ll have the perfect place to store infrequently used kitchen items, such as specialty baking pans and even extra pantry supplies. (Just make sure all food is stored in airtight containers to keep pests out.)

6. Extend your cabinets–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

If you really hate empty space above your cabinets, you can always get rid of it. (Assuming you own rather than rent.) With a few pieces of plywood, the right power tools, and an aggressive attitude, you can expand your cabinets upwards, creating an enclosed space that makes your kitchen feel more cohesive.

7. Create seasonal displays–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

You can keep your kitchen looking fresh by changing the displays above the cabinets each season. I love the idea of ​​pumpkins and orange foliage in the fall, and this winter-themed display with a miniature Christmas tree is so cute! Plus, if you change up your trim semi-regularly, you’ll also remember to dust it there.

8. Show off your special China–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

If you don’t have a china cabinet, you can put your favorite dishes in your kitchen cabinet. All you need are a few plate racks to safely support your fine china – and this one actually places the charger plate behind the plate to create more dimension. clever!

9. Show off your favorite art–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

Your kitchen cabinet might not be the first place you thought you would display your art, but here’s proof that it actually works well. This kitchen features a series of complementary oil paintings in the large space above the kitchen cabinets, but I can totally see a large family portrait or an oversized work of art on the canvas.

10. Use greenery in small spaces–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

Sometimes, the gaps in the cabinets can be only a few inches high, which doesn’t leave you with too many decorative options. In these cases, I like the idea of ​​using some artificial greenery to brighten the space. A few well-decorated garlands will make your kitchen feel homier, and it’s also a low-maintenance decorating option, which is always a plus.

11. Add an extra shelf–Food Storage Manufacturer Suggested

Display your milk glass or vintage Pyrex collection by adding an extra shelf to the top of your kitchen cabinets. While you could install a shelf, this particular design just uses three sturdy wine racks to support a piece of wood—a neat idea for renters and homeowners alike! As an added bonus, you’ll also have a new place to store your favorite wine bottles.

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