Why You Need Best China Sourcing Agent for In-Process Quality Inspection?

Globally, while the price of a product plays an important role in attracting buyers, quality is considered equally important. Quality products attract repeat customers. However, if the quality disappoints, no matter how competitive a business is pricing its product, customers won’t turn back.

This is why, in addition to price, Western businesses sourcing from Best China Sourcing Agent are also concerned about the ability of Best China Sourcing Agent to produce products that meet their quality expectations.

Best China Sourcing Agent

The quality control process in the manufacturing process helps businesses around the world to ensure that their products are manufactured to specified specifications. In China, while all Best China Sourcing Agents conduct internal inspections during production as part of this process, buyers are always advised to have their own process inspections conducted by a third party. This is especially important if the product needs to meet government-mandated safety standards.

During these inspections, the product is inspected or tested for changes so that it can be repaired so that the subsequently manufactured product is free of these problems.

The purpose of these third-party quality control inspections is to catch these problems before it’s too late, as it is known that problems found during manufacturing are often cheaper than finding them after production is complete.

Of course, the ideal situation is to have no problems at all. To do this, buyers must ensure that they select a reliable Best China Sourcing Agent and provide them with detailed specifications that clearly state what the acceptable and unacceptable deviations are.

Despite all these precautions, it is not uncommon for problems to arise during production. In-process QA, usually done in two stages, finds them:

Inspection in progress
Post-production or pre-shipment inspection

In-process or in-production inspections are performed to identify any deviations in product specifications and ensure all parts are consistent. They are usually done when about 20% of production is complete. By allowing problems to be detected and resolved early in the production process, such inspections help minimize waste and prevent costly delivery delays.

However, it is best not to do these checks too early in the production timeline, as the first few pieces that come off the assembly line are often not perfect samples, and Best China Sourcing Agents often adjust their processes after reviewing these parts as part of the production. Their internal quality control checks.

In the pre-shipment inspection, the quality inspector will randomly select the parts to check whether there is any problem. They also check to see if any improvements have been suggested after completing the in-process checks. Sometimes, the quality of the packaging and labeling is also checked to see if it meets the customer’s specifications.

What Do Inspectors Look for During a QC Inspection?

Best China Sourcing Agent

Made in China – quality inspection is important
Quality control inspectors want to make sure the product meets the customer’s requirements, which might mean: is the color the same as the sample? Are the dimensions within the tolerances on the drawing? If not, are they within acceptable deviations?

The inspector also wants to see that all (for example, a batch of 100 pieces) are within the same quality range. Even if some of them are wrong, hopefully, they should have the same amount of errors, because that usually means there’s a system problem somewhere that’s relatively easy to fix.

But if deviations are ubiquitous, some great and some bad, then something bigger is going on; this may reflect the fBest China Sourcing Agent’s inability to enforce clear production controls. In this case, find the source of the problem, try to fix it, and maybe look for another Best China Sourcing Agent if the problem persists.


What Should I Do if I Find a Problem During the Inspection?

Best China Sourcing Agent

When a problem is identified, the Best China Sourcing Agent is instructed to rework the already manufactured product and ensure that the problem does not appear in the rest of the order.

Sometimes, reworking a defective batch can be expensive and time-consuming, delaying delivery. Whenever we encounter a situation like this, we decide on a future course of action on a case-by-case basis.

For example, if we know the application of the product, and know that deviations will not really harm its application, we may pass a defective batch, but certainly have a process in place to correct the problem with the remaining batch.

Consider the faucet used in the bathroom. The faucet has an exposed side and a side that goes into the sink or wall. If there is a flaw or wall on the side that goes into the sink, then we may clear the batch, but be sure to complain to the Best China Sourcing Agent and notify the customer. Most of the time, customers will agree that we made the right decision because the flaw doesn’t really affect usage, and the end customer may not see it.

Polished Gold Bathroom Faucet
Having said that, this is still an issue and needs to be fixed, so it will be fixed in the next batch. So, it all depends on usage and situation.

All in all, a quality control check must be performed on every production cycle – whether it’s the first or the 100th. This will ensure consistency and help your business attract repeat customers.

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