How to Order Your First Wholesale Food Container Sample from China in 2022?

How to order your first container sample from China?

It’s a great honor to attract you to click in and read this article today!! As a buyer / purchasing department or company boss for wholesale food container, you should have the experience of ordering Wholesale Food Container samples from China for the first time in your life. Then how to order your first Wholesale Food Container from China? What do you need to pay attention to?

Today, Dowell will briefly introduce you how to order samples from China.


There are 4 stages


  1. Everything you need to do before ordering your samples.

Wholesale Food Container Factories


-1 Establish if this is a development,pre-food production or pre-shipment sample


Before we want to get a sample from China, we must find out the purpose of this sample. Generally speaking, samples are divided into three categories: development samples, pre food production samples and pre shipment samples.

Development samples refer to the samples you need when you haven’t purchased a certain kind of food container, but you have plans to develop this kind of food container. The samples at this stage are mainly to see whether this food container is the same as the items in your photos on the Internet and from the suppliers.


The pre food production sample is the confirmation standard after you confirm to place an order and before the supplier arranges mass food production. At this time, the sample often carries your customized packaging, instructions, color boxes, etc. at this time, the sample should be the same as the food container standard in actual food production, so any problems should be found and solved at this stage.


Pre shipment samples refer to samples taken directly from the food production line after the food production of all goods is completed. It must be completely consistent with the prenatal sample you have previously confirmed.


-2 Validate that this is a food container that you can actually sell


When you ask for Wholesale Food Container, what you need is to evaluate whether this food container can be sold in your market and whether you have enough budget to arrange an order that meets the MOQ and payment conditions of the supplier. These need to be carefully evaluated, otherwise it will be a waste of your own time. At the same time, make sure whether this food container is competitive among your competitors and that you can get profits.


-3 In quire to 10 suppliers and narrow it down to 3


When asking for development samples in the early stage, we suggest that you first inquire from 10 suppliers / manufacturers, and reduce the target of samples to 3 after comparing prices and parameters. This can quickly and accurately reduce the target and quantity of samples you need to obtain.


-4 Request for logo sample


In fact, the cost of samples on the eve of the general order is often relatively high. If possible, it is recommended that you want a Wholesale Food Container sample with your own logo. Before asking for the logo samples, you need to completely tell the supplier the PDF file of your logo and the printing method of the logo (silk screen printing, laser marking, bronzing, silver stamping) and ask him to prepare and calculate the cost of proofing.


-5 Request for packing sample


In addition to marking samples, development Wholesale Food Container samples often require suppliers to provide samples with your own designed packaging. Of course, if packaging is required during proofing, the cost and cycle of proofing may be very high and long, which is troublesome for yourself and suppliers. But in fact, if the supplier can provide pre food production samples, it is also possible to carry the packaging he designed for other customers.

Because what we want to see actually depends not only on the printing effect of the packaging, but also on the packaging, such as the thickness and g weight of the color box. If the color boxes of some suppliers are very fragile, they may not be able to bear the bumps all the way during the subsequent food production, packaging and transportation, and the packaging has become deformed in your hands. Not to mention late sales.



  1. sending your Wholesale Food Container samples

Wholesale Food Container Supplier


-1.Ask the manufacturer to get a quote for sending the sample using their courier(UPS/DHL/TNT/SF


This is relatively simple, that is, let the manufacturer bear the express cost, and we pay the manufacturer directly. This is easier. It is worth mentioning that there are many international express in China, such as ups/dhl/tnt/sf express, etc. We can also make an inquiry and compare the cost by ourselves before sending Wholesale Food Container samples.


-2.Avoid paying import duties for samples-samples of no commerce use-1$


When express delivery is delivered to us, we should pay attention to asking the sending supplier to indicate on the commercial invoice that this is a food container with no commercial value, or directly affix samples of no commerce use-1$on the box / food container. This is to tell the customs that this is a sample, otherwise the customs will think what food containers we bought from China, so as to require us to pay import tariffs, which will cause additional costs.


-3.Consider bunding your samples


If you have many samples from different manufacturers to send over a period of time, you can consider negotiating with the supplier with the heaviest  Wholesale Food Container samples and sending all samples to him to help pack them. This can save a lot of express costs.


-4.Make an agreement that can help you lower your sample costs.


Tere are also many suppliers who will charge you relatively high Wholesale Food Container sample fees, such as the times of silk screen printing / self-made plate making, etc., or when the express delivery fee of goods is particularly expensive. At this time, we can consider negotiating with the manufacturer. We can pay the cost of samples and express delivery fees, but if we place an order, we should return it to me. This solution is also easy for most manufacturers to accept, but we should also focus on whether this manufacturer is trustworthy.


  1. What to do once you receive your Wholesale Food Container samples

Wholesale Food Container Suppliers


There is an old saying, how you do everything, is how you do anything Whether you have a very brand, a relatively small company or a large retail group, you must have some trivial things to deal with. Because you must collect many Wholesale Food Container samples from many different suppliers at some time. If further records and collection are not made after receiving the samples, there will often be a lot of missing information in the follow-up work, resulting in many problems and loopholes.


-1.log&record all the samples your receive


According to dowell’s custom of sending samples, we usually use a form to record the express order number, which customer to send, the date of sending, what things to send, and so on. The following figure is just a simple reference. Of course, if you have your own form and it’s completely OK, it doesn’t affect your clear record of the received samples.


-2.Test and inspect samples for the purpose that they’re being used


After receiving the Wholesale Food Container samples, we often have to check and try out the parameters and use of the food containers. If it is a development sample, check whether the parameters and pictures quoted by the manufacturer are consistent.

If there are certificates or testing requirements, you can also ask the testing company to carry out testing. There are many reliable testing institutions in China, such as Intertek and sgs


-3.State all the improvements you want to make


After receiving the sample and checking it, if you are not particularly satisfied with the Wholesale Food Container. For example, the weight, size, tightness, color, etc. of the food container need to be listed and clarified by yourself, so as to facilitate subsequent communication with suppliers on how to improve.


-4.Ask your manufacturer the cost for the changes you want to make


After listing clearly where you think the Wholesale Food Container samples on hand need to be improved, the next step is to communicate with the manufacturer about the additional costs of improving the food containers. For example, the use of more materials will lead to higher food production costs of a container, and so on. Or additional testing fees, which should be communicated with the manufacturer.


After you have done all of these,you can start to consider put an order!!!


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