4 Genius Bulk Shoe Storage Items For Any Size Family

In recent years, bulk shoe storage items have become one of the commonly imported household storage products for importers. This article will show you the 8 best-selling wholesale shoe racks in 2022. Most importers are Amazon sellers, importers, wholesalers, and retail stores.

From the bulk shoe storage Items market, we can know a lot of useful messages about the most popular shoe storage items, so let’s see what will be the best selling in 2022.

1. Bulk Shoe Storage- 2 Layers Bamboo Shoe Bench from China

As the best-selling bulk shoe storage item on the online store, the bamboo shoe bench is going to be the next hot item to sell in all kinds of supermarkets for the retail market. This bamboo shoe bench is made of 100% natural bamboo, its material is eco-friend and durable, it can be used for a long period. Our bulk shoe storage items can meet your different capacity requirements, and five different capacity specifications can meet your different storage needs. It’s a value pack and always attracts many customers. The installation of this bamboo shoe bench is very simple if you install it under the instruction we print on the package. All tools are completely prepared. The cushion of this bamboo shoe bench is washable, which makes it more sustainable. Its material is sponge covered by comfortable fax linen, which makes it feels good and also looks good. The practical and versatile bulk shoe storage items are your best choice!

        Wholesale 2 Layers Bamboo Shoe Bench from China

2. OEM 5 Layers Wood Collapsible Shoe Rack

Another popular shoe rack is the OEM 5 Layers Wood Collapsible Shoe Rack.

With simple installation, this collapsible shoe rack is foldable and has no extra tools and screws to be installed, you only need to expand it and fix every layer to the right place, it’s much more convenient than other shoe racks that need to be installed with screws.

The fine workmanship makes this collapsible shoe rack is with laminate and corner burnished to avoid pricking to your hand; Enhanced X type framework with buckle design sustains 112 pounds in total without waggling

And this collapsible shoe rack not only can hold shoes but also can suitable for like books, plants, etc.

Not only this collapsible shoe rack can be folded, but when it is not used, you could fold it and it will not take many places, which can help you save space.

This collapsible shoe rack has totally 5 layers, and each layer can hold around 4 pairs of shoes, it has a mega capacity.

collapsible shoe rack

OEM 5 Layers Wood Collapsible Shoe Rack 

3. Portable Shoe Storage Organizer

As for the portable shoe storage organizer.

100% ECO-friendly Materials: Portable Shoe Storage Organizer is made of 100% ECO-friendly material which can meet up with all kinds of Environmental strategies.

Ultra big Capacity & bearing ability: One portable shoe storage organizer rack can fit about 16 – 32 pairs of adult shoes depending on the number of cubes. Each cube can hold up to 10 kg of weight at one time.

Simple configuration: the design has been simplified and guidance manuals have been provided to help our customers build their portable shoe storage organizers smoothly. We also provide round-the-clock customer service in case customers need additional help.

Portable Shoe Storage Organizer suppliers


Wholesales Portable Shoe Storage Organizer Mader from China

4. 6 Grids Durable Cardboard Shoe arack

Let’s see the Grids Durable Cardboard Shoe arack.

Permanent Organization-A final solution for organizing shoes in a tidily attractive manner. Shoes will never again go missing, litter the house, or clutter your closet. Small clothes and accessories such as shawls, towels, belts, umbrellas, hats, and purses all look uniquely charming in the slots.

It fits just about anywhere; store it on closet floors—lies low beneath long garments, on top shelves, against walls, beneath a sitting bench, or wherever there is a flat space. Convenient carry handles ensure smooth transport.

Constructed of sturdy cardboard wrapped in soft cloth, resulting in a homier, less commercial appearance than its steel counterparts, while remaining durable and freestanding. Mighty partitions ensure the slots remain appropriately sectioned.

Unlike most sturdy, freestanding organizers, this shoe storage is a breeze to set up—not a single tool is required. Collapses flat, making it a great choice for travel and those who wish to store it.
Ideally, Sized-The slots are super easy to access, allowing you to grab a pair without messing everything up. Each slot is 8.5×7 in, large enough to fit a men’s pair of shoes.

Durable Cardboard Shoe rack

OEM 6 Grids Durable Cardboard Shoe arack


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