China Leading Home Storage Manufacturer: The Brand Story of Dowell

Dowell- Chian Wholesale market

Dowell Founder: Daniel Wu

Dowell is a China home storage manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. We are producing and exporting high-quality wholesale home storage products. We have been providing wholesale home storage products to wholesalers, retailers, brands, and supermarket chains all over the world, with a strong production capacity, professional R&D design team, and experienced customer service team.


Dowell is an influential China home storage factory. Millions of innovative products are designed every year. We have an annual production capacity of over 1,500,000 wholesale home storage products. And our company is increasing the number of sales and maintaining the global market share.


We have been specializing in making high-quality storage items for the home, kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room, and even every corner of the home. Design and create simple, affordable, and flexible home organizing items for small spaces around the world. Bring convenience and comfort to every home. We believe the best products are simple to use, assemble without difficulty or extra tools, durable, and fully functional.


While operating the enterprise benignly, the awareness of fulfilling corporate social responsibility has been greatly enhanced. In the process of making the enterprise stronger and better, we will not forget to give back to society and practice the responsibility of entrepreneurs.


Dowell has also been committed to poverty alleviation, student assistance, environmental sanitation, rural construction, social services, cultural exchanges, and other fields. We undertake the social responsibility of an enterprise and strive to make society better.

China manufacturer


In 2020, Covid-19 swept the world, seriously threatening life and affecting production and life. Dowell is working with all sectors of society to overcome the difficulties and make a modest contribution to the fight against the epidemic.


The special fund is used to support the medical departments and government agencies in Ningbo and Yiwu to purchase urgently needed materials for epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, and to express condolences to front-line workers.


We carried out our actual efforts and transmit a sense of environmental protection through our actions. “Wild breeze” is a public benefit activity with the theme “clean environment and exchange wellness” established by our company. We have cooperated with more than 20 enterprises and public institutions and held 16 times of activities since it was launched in September 2014. Nearly 600 people attended the activities and we received praise from all sides.


During the 2 years, more and more new friends joined us. On the road of “Wild Breeze”, we see more and more volunteers taking the same activities together with us. They became the most beautiful figures in the activity.

Wild breeze activity

Wild breeze activity


The Brand Story of Dowell


Building a storage brand stemmed from an inspiration in my daily life. In 1997, when I was tidying up my room, I found all kinds of foodstuff all over the refrigerator.


I tried to arrange them neatly, and found that the only food storage box in the house could not be used due to quality problems! I was inspired by why I can’t build my own storage brand dedicated to creating high-quality storage products. Export high-quality and low-cost products to all parts of the world, and spread the concept of “simplification” to make life more orderly” to every corner of the world.


Thus, the Dowell brand was established.


In practice, our team will continue to burst out some novel ideas and find that the needs of customers are constantly updated and upgraded with the progress of the times. To this end, we have established an R&D team to innovate according to the needs of our customers.

China Leading Home Storage Manufacturer

Innovative laundry storage product


For example, I have been trying to customize home storage products like styles, colors, materials, functions, etc. The material is expanded from plastic to bamboo, steel, cloth, glass, and other environmentally friendly materials. Dowell will always uphold the belief of Dowell, for the better.


The Challenges of The Storage Market


The storage market is facing many challenges. First of all, at the beginning of 2022, many storage companies can no longer bear the pressure of the price increase brought by the new crown, and the prices of bulk raw materials continue to rise.


This year, against the backdrop of the global monetary easing policy, supply and demand improvement, and consumption growth expectations, the price of bulk raw materials has risen more significantly.


The rise in raw material prices has been transmitted to end commodities. The prices of various raw materials have risen, and the midstream and downstream links can only rise, and the price increase of the entire industry chain has become a foregone conclusion.


People in the new era are increasingly advocating a refined and comfortable life, and they have new demands for home storage products and storage services. Data shows that the demand for occupations in the storage industry in the next two years is nearly 20,000, which also causes labor costs to continue to increase.


The rapid development of the storage industry will also be reflected in the growth rate of the company’s development. The data shows that the annual registration volume of enterprises related to storage and sorting services has shown a rapid growth trend as a whole, and the annual registration growth rate has remained above 33%. From the perspective of the international situation, the competition among enterprise products should not be underestimated.


The Opportunities We Meet


We are now in a new century, facing both opportunities and challenges. In the face of changes in the international market, dealers should respond more actively. It can be found that home storage is breaking through the traditional industry boundaries and developing rapidly, and green and low-carbon home storage has gradually become the first choice for many families. Buyers are also increasingly inclined to professionally purchase storage categories. Suppliers with innovative capabilities have a broad market.


Regarding the impact of the epidemic, Daniel Wu said that the rapid development of online platforms is essentially eroding offline market share step by step. It is very difficult to rely only on traditional distribution methods.


Now that we know that platform is a trend, instead of sitting still and being phased out gradually, we should take the initiative to make ourselves part of the platform and scale our business through the platform. Directly facing end customers online brings opportunities for brand building, so the overall market is still huge.

Business Advice to Others


For those trying to make better business decisions in the B2B industry, Daniel Wu summed up eight B2B customer service tips to get started right away.


  • Recognizing that customer-first contact is critical

With every B2B customer service interaction, knowing your first contact will make a big difference “downstream.” This means that it is important to match the customer’s sense of urgency to the problem from the start.


  • Ask the right questions

Initially when handling B2B customer service requests. Remember: Sometimes there are more obvious technical issues than they appear on the surface.


  • Practice “Iceberg” troubleshooting

Related to the previous item, B2B customer service, and field service personnel often resolve visible technical issues, but later discover that the customer’s real underlying issue remains unresolved. Efforts to better understand such “below the waterline” problems (at GPT we use the “iceberg” metaphor) can lead to better long-term success in solving customer problems.


  • Set clear expectations with clients.

This includes A) agreeing on the real problem, B) agreeing on a plan to solve the problem, C) keeping the client updated on progress, and D) ideally giving them a person in charge to handle it.


  • Use open-ended questions and active listening.

To better understand the full scope of the problem at hand and better position your team to solve it, let clients ask open-ended questions that go beyond a yes or no answer, and challenge clients to think about the bigger picture and not just specific technical details.


  • From the customer’s point of view.

This involves putting yourself in the customer’s shoes to better understand their most important needs and goals. Doing so requires skilled questioning and active listening skills to extract information that will enable you to help them be successful with your product or service.


  • Create plausible/likely conversations.

This reduces the time your customer service specialists spend explaining to customers that requests are unreasonable or simply impossible, such as providing services not covered by the contract or trying to improve equipment performance beyond its capabilities. This is a better time to work with the client to diagnose the full scope of the problem and find a balanced solution.


  • Communicate your desire to meet and exceed customer expectations.

That means during and after customer service interactions. After the problem is resolved, don’t just ask “How is the service?” Emphasize that your goal is to provide the best, ongoing service—to keep them happy, to help them continue to give their best and build relationships. ( “We’re always here to help solve problems and help you succeed because we want to build a strong and lasting partnership with you.” )


We are Dowell: a caring, innovative growing company reshaping a healthier, greener future for people and the planet. Learn more about wholesale home storage suppliers,  products and services on the Dowell website.


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