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These are tools used for sweeping floors and removing loose debris. They come in various types such as push brooms, angled brooms, and handheld brooms.dowell can help many clients to source wholesale push broom, corn broom, angle broom, indoor broom, outdoor broom
hand broom, whisk broom, warehouse broom, lobby broom ,street broom, fine sweep broom, heavy duty broom, soft sweep broom
push broom handle ,corn broom handle, angle broom handle
indoor broom handle, outdoor broom handle, hand broom handle, whisk broom handle, warehouse broom handle, lobby broom handle, street broom handle, fine sweep broom handle, heavy duty broom handle.


Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale scrub brush, toilet brush, dish brush, bottle brush, grill brush, wire brush, hand brush, deck brush, car wash brush, upholstery brush, detail brush, wheel brush, floor brush, tile brush, grout brush, bristle brush, nylon brush, brass brush, stainless steel brush, synthetic brush, wood brush, scrub brush handle, toilet brush holder, dish brush holder, bottle brush holder, grill brush scraper, wire brush scraper, detail brush set, wheel brush cleaner, floor brush squeegee.



Cleaning Cloths

Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale microfiber cloth, terry cloth, wiping cloth, chamois cloth, glass cleaning cloth, dusting cloth, polishing cloth, dish cloth, all-purpose cloth, cotton cloth, bamboo cloth, linen cloth, synthetic cloth, suede cloth, chenille cloth, window cleaning cloth, screen cleaning cloth, car cleaning cloth, furniture cleaning cloth, leather cleaning cloth, silver polishing cloth, stainless steel cleaning cloth, granite cleaning cloth, marble cleaning cloth, floor cleaning cloth, oven cleaning cloth, bathroom cleaning cloth, kitchen cleaning cloth, dusting mitt, cleaning sponge from china.


Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale feather duster, microfiber duster, lambswool duster, static duster, ceiling fan duster, mini duster, handheld duster, extendable duster, car duster, blind duster, plant duster, radiator duster, cobweb duster, keyboard duster, baseboard duster, high-reach duster, synthetic duster, window blind duster, floor duster, screen duster, fireplace duster, fridge duster, cabinet duster, car vent duster, bathroom duster, kitchen duster, bookshelf duster, lamp duster, picture frame duster, mop head duster attachment from china.


Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale standalone dustpan, handheld dustpan, long-handled dustpan, lobby dustpan, whisk broom and dustpan set, mini dustpan and brush set, folding dustpan, clip-on dustpan, snap-on dustpan, broom and dustpan set, brush and dustpan set, dustpan with rubber lip, dustpan with teeth, metal dustpan, plastic dustpan, rubber dustpan, dustpan with long handle and wheels, dustpan with stand, dustpan with lid, dustpan with scoop, dustpan with brush holder, dustpan with handle clipm, dustpan with broom holder, dustpan with self-cleaning brush, dustpan with squeegee, dustpan with pivoting handle, dustpan with adjustable height, dustpan with funnel-shaped mouth, dustpan with magnet, dustpan with ergonomic grip from China.

Extension Poles

Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale telescoping extension pole, adjustable extension pole, paint roller extension pole
window washing extension pole, gutter cleaning extension pole
ceiling fan duster extension pole, bulb changer extension pole, mop handle extension pole, broom handle extension pole, pruner extension pole, hedge trimmer extension pole, pole saw extension pole, pressure washer extension pole, scrubber brush extension pole, squeegee extension pole, flagpole extension pole, camera mount extension pole, microphone stand extension pole, fishing gaff extension pole, net extension pole from China.


Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale latex cleaning gloves, nitrile cleaning gloves, vinyl cleaning gloves, reusable cleaning gloves, disposable cleaning gloves, long-cuffed cleaning gloves, flock, lined cleaning gloves, textured cleaning gloves, powder-free cleaning gloves, chemical-resistant cleaning gloves, heavy-duty cleaning gloves, extra-thick cleaning gloves, heat-resistant cleaning gloves, oil-resistant cleaning gloves, acid-resistant cleaning gloves, alkali-resistant cleaning gloves, silicone cleaning gloves, scrubbing cleaning gloves, dishwashing cleaning gloves, house cleaning gloves, kitchen cleaning gloves, bathroom cleaning gloves, glass cleaning gloves, car cleaning gloves, pet cleaning gloves, touchscreen cleaning gloves, colorful cleaning gloves, patterned cleaning gloves, eco-friendly cleaning gloves, non-slip cleaning gloves from china.

Mops & Buckets

Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale dust mop, wet mop, microfiber mop, sponge mop, string mop, flat mop, steam mop, spray mop, strip mop, dust mop handle, wet mop handle, microfiber mop pad, sponge mop refill, string mop head, flat mop head, steam mop pad, spray mop pad, strip mop head, dust mop frame, wet mop frame
microfiber mop frame, sponge mop wringer, string mop wringer, flat mop bucket, steam mop water tank, spray mop refill bottle, strip mop handle, dust mop treatment spray, wet mop treatment solution, microfiber mop cleaning solution from china.



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