Great! 3 Tips for Clothing organization from Closet Storage Supplier in China

The closet could be one of the most important pieces of furniture in a bedroom. But organizing a closet can feel like a challenge sometimes, particularly if you have an awful lot of ‘stuff’ to store. That’s why you always need to find a reliable closet storage supplier for your business. Keeping clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and accessories neat, tidy, and easy to find can make you think sizing up is required. So we always need to have a highly efficient organizational system.

Once you have good organization ideas, you will find it’s easy to fit all you need to, make everything at the location you want, and keep them clean and easy to catch. As a professional closet storage supplier in China, we always think about it when we develop new products. So here we have 3 best tips for you to help get your closet well organized.

Get an individual open clothes rack

The most important benefit that an open clothes rack can bring is that you can always see what’s hanging on it directly. Normally, we will not wash clothes every time it’s dressed especially big clothes such as coats, down jackets, cotton clothes, etc. So you will need somewhere to put the garment instead of putting it into the closet together with other clean clothes.

If you have the habit to plan your outfits tomorrow, then considering a separate garment rack will be a great help. Before you go to bed at night, prepare your clothes to be dressed and hang them on the garment rack. When you wake up on the second day, no need to think about what clothes to put on your body and helps you save a lot of morning time!

As a supplier of all kinds of open clothes racks, our products are made of different kinds of material including wood, bamboo, iron, metal tubes, etc. Some of them can be installed with wheels so it becomes more convenient for people to use. Please be free to ask for catalogs for these products.

Clothes Rack with Shelves factory


Use dividers to keep small accessories

Small accessories could be more than big clothes in numbers and I believe you have many small accessories in the drawers of your closet. Many socks, underwear, and pants, are put into the closet randomly with no organizational ideas. This is terrible and sometimes ruins a good mood easily.

By using dividers to keep small stuff, everything could be well organized. You will see all the small clothes you have, find the best one you like to fit your suit and use them in order. For our wholesale customers, we provide a free combination of 2-pack, 4-pack, 8-pack, and more. Don’t forget to send an inquiry if you have any interest in these products, we would be your best closet storage supplier.

Wholesale Closet storage bins
Some multifunction tools help

Since the space in a closet is fixed, it means less space wasted is very important! There is always space wasted after clothes are hung on the pole. We can use some multifunction tools to help. For example, a magic clothes hanger can put up to 10 shirts in a line to make sure the underclothes space is well used. You can also maximize shelving space with bins and baskets simply by using a storage bin to put under the short garments for organization. All you need to do is make sure every space is well used and your closet will be able to put 2 times more stuff than before.

supplier for multifunction clothes hangers

We are a leading supplier of all kinds of home storage items in Ningbo China. With the design team in our office, your innovative ideas will become reality. Many of our customers are Amazon sellers and we support them with the best MOQ, price, shipping time, and all kinds of OEM services. If you need more suggestions from a Closet storage supplier, please do not forget to send an inquiry for a business opportunity!

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