Where to Find Custom Size Laundry Basket Wholesale Supplier?

If you are a buyer of custom size laundry basket products, you will find that there are fewer and fewer good products on the market. When choosing a new model, I found that many suppliers have adopted a conservative strategy due to the current epidemic situation, and are not willing to invest time and energy in product development. There are some relatively easy-to-sell products. All competitors have a good supply. The price competition is fierce, and the profit margin is constantly compressed. In fact, with regard to the product of the laundry basket, it is particularly important to find a supplier with the ability to customize the size.

hollow-carved storage basket durable


Why the concept of Custom Size Laundry Basket?

First of all, the laundry basket is not a standardized product, and its size is not fixed in consumer usage scenarios. Sometimes we need something that can be hung on the wall, sometimes we need it to be stackable, and sometimes we need to store it in a cupboard. From the perspective of wholesalers, when developing a custom size laundry basket, it is necessary to fully consider customer acceptance and provide the best solution to the retail market to win orders.

Regarding customization, the easiest thing is to make the same shape, modify the length, width, and height and then adapt it to the appropriate area. In fact, in the custom size laundry basket, there are two important concepts: assembly and folding. The core is to optimize the existing hot-selling products and create a new custom-sized storage basket through accessories assembly or direct folding, thereby increasing the profit margin of the product by saving logistics costs and storage costs.

Custom Size Laundry Basket wholesale

It’s not difficult to find a supplier, it’s not easy to find a factory that can do a custom size laundry basket. DOWELL is such a supplier. For customized content, you can click here to learn more. When we receive a request for a custom size storage basket, we will contact designers and engineers to discuss feasibility and resolve some potential structural or practical issues.

Then a drawing of a custom size laundry basket that can be produced will be given to the customer for confirmation and quotation. This plan can be continuously discussed and updated until both parties decide to proceed. Then we make samples according to the drawings. Usually, our customers will get a lot of opportunities after they get the samples because the samples of custom size laundry basket at this time are unique in the market. In addition to the customization of size, we also provide customized services including material, packaging, logo, etc., please feel free to contact us.

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