6 Daily Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

In order to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, storage and organization are inseparable topics. Here are 1 premise and 6 key points we always use in kitchen storage ideas.

The premise of Kitchen Storage Ideas

kitchen items should be classified into categories such as; according to their use, they are divided into ingredients, seasonings, cooking tools, dining tools, cleaning, spares, etc. After the items are classified, they need to be divided into two categories, that is, commonly used and not commonly used.

This classification is for future storage, and to improve the experience of using the kitchen. Here is a simple example from my kitchen. I divide the seasonings into commonly used ones: salt, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, thirteen incense, oyster sauce, etc.

Because they are often used, they are easy to take, so just put them on the stove. About those not commonly used: fragrant leaves, cinnamon, amomum, grass fruit, angelica, etc. are placed in the cabinets with a low utilization rate, and they are taken when they are needed.

kitchen storage ideas

Then, let’s talk about 6 points in kitchen storage ideas:

Keep the External Space “empty”

Namely, keep the countertop “empty”. If the countertop is empty, the whole kitchen will be clean and neat, and the visual pressure will also disappear. How can this be achieved? Put chopsticks, pot lids, plates, and all utilities on the wall or under the cabinet, then space appeared.

Use Corners to Increase Storage

The first point is to do subtraction, and this point is for addition. The dead corner of the countertop, the gap between the refrigerator and the cabinet, and the corner where the dust exists can all become our storage space. Search on the Internet and there will always be something suitable for you. One at home. However, it should be noted that the storage items in the dead corners must either fall to the ground or be placed on the wall, so as not to cause trouble for future cleaning.

Do a Good Job of Separation to Maximize the Utilization of Cabinet Drawers

Maximizing utilization is not about filling in items as much as you can, which will cause trouble when looking for them. These can be designed in advance, for example, using some storage items to achieve the effect of tidiness.

kitchen storage ideas

Clean Up Frequently + Clean Up Less

People may feel that these two points are contradictory. Thinking about it carefully. Many of us have been cleaning the kitchen for a long time, and the consequence of this is that the amount of housework becomes larger, and you may get disgusted with kitchen cleaning. It eventually turned into procrastination, which led to an increasingly cluttered kitchen.

So the core idea of what I said about frequent cleaning + less cleaning is that every step of the use process must be accompanied by cleaning, the workload is small, the time is short, and it can be completed unconsciously, which can keep the kitchen tidy for a long time.

For example: in the process of cooking, we need to process the ingredients first, wash the ingredients, then immediately clean up the water stains in the sink and the vegetable washing area, and go to the vegetable preparation area to prepare the dishes. Put the cut ingredients into the cooking tray, put away the knives and cutting boards after cutting the vegetables, clean up the cooking area, then go to the stove to cook, clean the stove area after cooking or during the stewing process, and finally serve the dishes in one go. the kitchen can be clean in the whole process.

The Refrigerator Must Be Neat and Clean

Here is what I have repeatedly emphasized because the cleanliness of the refrigerator is related to the health of the family’s diet. The refrigerator must be sorted and separated to ensure that the ingredients are not contaminated with each other and that there will be no peculiar smell in the refrigerator.

kitchen storage ideas

The Sixth and Most Important Point of Kitchen Storage Ideas is to Keep It Up

Many friends may have read my article and rushed to the kitchen very excitedly. But the excitement only keeps for several days. Without care and classification, everything will get back to the original. Then all kitchen storage ideas make no sense.

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