How to Find Excellent Product Sourcing Services in China?

How to Find Excellent Product Sourcing Services in China?

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In recent years, low-cost and cheap labor in Vietnam and Myanmar has made them more and more competitive in exporting. Nonetheless, China’s advantages as a manufacturing power are still in full swing. China’s price advantage and quality standards far exceed other Asian countries.

However, for novice importers, the import process can be quite cumbersome.

From selecting suitable Products and Sourcing Services to inquiring, selecting samples, comparing the quality of samples, placing an order, designing, confirming packaging details, confirming product details, making bulk shipments, supervising shipments, booking space, and shipping. A complete program comes down, which is exhausting.

So, how do we find excellent Products Sourcing Services in China?

A good choice can let you get the best price the first time, pass the test the first time, and get high-quality products, which can make you relax in the process of mass production follow-up. A good Products Sourcing Services will provide you with all-around services so that you can buy with confidence, buy comfortably, and buy with peace of mind.

Therefore, when choosing a Products Sourcing Services, we should consider the following points:

1. The real identity of the Product Sourcing Services

There are basically three types of Chinese suppliers:


1) Manufacturing Plant:

A manufacturing plant is a factory that directly produces products. They buy raw materials from their respective suppliers, process them, and finally get the product you want.

Such factories basically only speak Chinese. They have a good understanding of the products, but the knowledge about exporting will be very lacking. Therefore, we tend to face the problem of different languages ​​if imported directly from the factory. In addition, the factory has higher MOQ requirements for products and weaker design capabilities.

Maybe they can offer a product with a good price but will ask you to buy a high quantity. In addition, you may also need to contact the printing factory for packaging design. During the production process, you need to keep an eye on the factory all the time, in case something goes wrong.


2) Foreign trade companies:

Foreign trade companies are middlemen independent from factories. Their supplier resources are extensive. Often they will compare the prices of more than ten factories, and then quote the most suitable price to you.

Of course, the price they quoted also included the profit of the foreign trade company. Then you can go to negotiate with the foreign trade company. A good foreign trade company will try its best to keep the price of the factory as low as possible. Then offer you the best price.

Moreover, the advantage of buying products from a foreign trade company is that the foreign trade company will help us keep an eye on the factory to make goods.

The rich export experience of foreign trade companies can help many new import companies avoid some mistakes. In addition, foreign trade companies often have professional designers. The most suitable packaging for the product can be selected for you and the packaging can be designed.


3) Yiwu Agency:

Yiwu agency is independent of factories and foreign trade companies. They will directly provide you with the factory price, will arrange the shipment for you and all the details, but will charge a certain percentage of commission.


If you have certain quality requirements and packaging requirements for your products, but the number of the first order is not very large, then a foreign trade company will be the best choice.


2. Investigate the basic information of the Product Sourcing Services

Before identifying a Product Sourcing Service, we should conduct the most cost-effective investigation of the supplier. We need to know the company’s size, history, the company’s reputation, the company’s main product lines, whether it will provide relevant test reports, central export countries, and so on.

In addition, we can find out about the company through a Google search, or by checking the company’s website. At the same time, we can also consult customers who have purchased products from the company and listen to customer feedback.

An established supplier will give you a complete and satisfactory answer. Their responses are also usually prompt. But if a supplier fails to provide a clear answer to your question, it takes a long time to answer. Then we need to be skeptical of this supplier.


3. The best way to communicate with Product Sourcing Services

1) Email communication:

Differences in business culture between China and the West often become a hindrance later in the negotiation. We usually choose email communication.

In the process of email communication, our language should be simplified, and pictures should be attached when necessary, especially when talking about professional terms. We also try to use short sentences and avoid long penalties in emails.


2) Telephone or SMS communication:

Besides, we can also communicate by phone. Direct telephone communication with suppliers via Skype, WeChat or WhatsApp, etc. Or text communication, which is much more efficient than email communication.


3) Be straightforward when communicating:

Be explicit about your needs when communicating with suppliers. What is acceptable and what is not? Clearly stating problems before they arise can greatly reduce communication costs later on.


There are many good Product Sourcing Services in China, but outsourcing production is a very complicated thing. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a Product Sourcing Services that is right for you. Follow our method to find suitable Product Sourcing Services together!

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