Plastic Wholesale Food Container in China

1.Where to find a plastic Wholesale Food Container Suppliers

When you start a new purchasing product, like plastic wholesale food containers, where should you to find matching suppliers. Normally there are ways as below.

If you already do wholesale business, you can ask your well cooperated suppliers to make introduction. And you can attend fairs to find many suppliers, which seems now is not easy to get it. Another way is to search online, by Alabama, Yiwu go, or Google to some supplier’s website, and start contact.

2.What to pay attention on plastic wholesale food Container Suppliers

When find some plastic wholesale food container suppliers, you should do more steps to make a judgment to avoid further troubles. First tell from your suppliers, are they plastic factories, or they are trading company, and do they ever make plastic food container orders. This is quite important to find a supplier have such experience.  See also if suppliers export plastic wholesale food container to your market. By writing email or even make a call to talk, you can directly feel the person you contact is professional or not.

Wholesale food container

3.Check Your Requirements and Watch out the Market Need

When you start your plastic wholesales and also you find many matching suppliers.  Not just follow the products that suppliers send or recommend to you.  You need to check by your end-customs’ needs. Like what kind of plastic food container is favored by market, is it plastic one popular, or silicon ones are much better? Is it sell in single or need to sell in sets consisting of several ones? Or is it need color box packing, or paper sleeved card with shrink is o?  Information like these is quite important and is main fatal to final decision to orders.

What is more?  You also need to know the import regulations of the products in market.  Like in Europe market, with wholesale food container, products need to meet LFGB, or some should have the certificates and testing report.  And to US market, need to meet California Proposition 65.

Requirements sometimes will be updated, normally is quite stable, and if there are updated regulations, must check with supplier if they know the updated regulations, or products can pass the updated requirements.

Wholesale food container

4.What is More to do When You Place Plastic Wholesale Food Container Order

When come to the process that you have plan for orders like wholesale food container, you still need to pay more attention to some points as below.

4.1 Quality.

Does the product quality meet your requirement?  You need to have samples checked first.  And you still need to have samples like pre-production samples, pre-shipment samples for whole quality control.

Wholesale food container

4.2. Delivery time.

Many suppliers get many orders during one period, especially like end of one y ear, or back from Chinese Lunar Year. If you place order need to ship before Chinese New Year, you need to ask for full plan of order process, like when raw material reach, when packing materials arrive in factory, and also like which date on line production.  Then you follow all this in timeline, you can have a overall control of the order delivery time.

4.3. Certificates.

Some customers need full set of certificates of products, and also the factory quality system. Need to make this clear with suppliers first, if they already have it, and if they have it, you need get it and check if date is valid, or the lab is acceptable for your end-customers.  If there are no certificates, will your suppliers have plan for it, and when can have it issued. All these need to make clear.

And if you have any other doubts, or you want to ask question about other products, just contact us freely online. More products and blog regard wholesale you can find on Dowell homepage. 

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