Refrigerator Food Storage Method: 9 Tips to Make Your Refrigerator Bigger and Tidy!

Regarding the refrigerator food storage, there are a few coups that can easily make the refrigerator at home “bigger”, and make good use of the refrigerator space, so that you will no longer be afraid of finding food at home.

Refrigerator food classification rules

Before talking about storage, let’s understand food classification first, and below storage map will teach you to do it, so as to better extend the preservation period of food.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are generally placed in the fresh-keeping cabinet, and it is best to store them for no more than three days. Vegetables have a short shelf life, and the leaves are very easy to rot. It is recommended to store them separately to avoid smelling with other foods. It is recommended to put kitchen paper at the bottom of the vegetables to absorb water to prolong the freshness time. Fruits are recommended to be placed in drawer boxes to avoid rolling around in the refrigerator, especially spherical fruits like apples and pears.

leftover cooked food

If there are few people eating at home, it is inevitable that there will be some leftovers. Remember to cover it with plastic wrap or put it in a special fresh-keeping box after cooling. It is generally recommended that you put them on the top and put them the next day. Eliminate, otherwise the food cooked twice will be harmful and useless to the human body.

raw meat fast food

Such products are generally placed in the freezer. It is recommended that everyone usually divide the bags and put them in the refrigerator neatly, otherwise once the meat is too hard, the bags will be too messy to take. It is recommended to write the storage date when putting it in the refrigerator. Once this kind of food is too old, you will forget when you bought it.

Alcoholic beverages

These are generally placed in the recesses of the refrigerator door. Easy to take. Everyone also likes to put eggs in the groove, but in fact, the refrigerator door is the hottest place in the refrigerator and the temperature fluctuates greatly, which can easily lead to the deterioration of eggs.

Practical Refrigerator Food Storage Tips

1. Sort by basket/box

Refrigerator food storage baskets and storage boxes can be a good way to categorize food, make the food in the refrigerator clear at a glance, and keep the refrigerator tidy. If you buy a box, it is best to buy a transparent cover to avoid smell. If you have a basket, buy one with a handle for easy access.

2.Put labels on refrigerator food storage containers

Refrigerator food storage must be remembered: put similar foods together, and after making good use of the storage box, you can paste the name on the box, so that you can know which box to take as soon as you open the refrigerator door, saving time and worry !

3. Use a strong magnetic strip

I believe many people remember that when I was a child, there were always colorful stickers on the refrigerator, all relying on various magnetic strips. In fact, the use of magnetic strips inside the refrigerator can expand a lot of storage space.The basket with suction can be hung on the refrigerator wall and put some small things, ham, jelly bars and other small things.

Magnetic box with a magnetic strip on the bottom. Usually, you can put some cut seasonings, or foods like nuts, and stick them directly on the wall. Convenient and practical.

The bottle cap magnetic strip, this prop can directly suck the drink in the glass bottle in the air. Just put it on top of the fridge and put some short drinks on top that don’t take up the upper shelf. Every time a friend comes to my house to open the refrigerator, he will be greeted by this Anyway!

4.Put eggs in storage box

If you are still putting eggs in the groove, hurry up and buy a special storage box for eggs. Not only does it prevent the eggs from rolling around, but the seal is also easier to keep fresh. When storing eggs, remember to put the pointed end down, because the pointed end is facing down, the yolk can be in the center, and the air chamber will not be compressed, prolonging the storage time of the egg.

5.Label your food with duct tape

All foods have a shelf life. Some foods are unpacked and put in the refrigerator, and there is no place to check the shelf life. So everyone can put the expiration date and expiration date on the outside of the food box or bowl. This way, next time you take it out, you won’t have to worry about whether you can eat it or not.

6.Use binder clips to secure beverage bottles

Sometimes there are too many things like milk, yogurt, and wine in bottles and cans, and it is inevitable that the grooves are not enough, and sometimes they roll around in the refrigerator when placed horizontally. How to fix these happy water beautifully and beautifully? Binder is a good helper! Use a binder as a divider to keep the bottle from rolling over.

7.Set up an “eat me first” box

I bought a lot of food, and when I was thinking about eating it, I found that it had expired, not to mention the waste. Wasting food is really bad. So it is very necessary to get a “eat me first” box, put a label on refrigerator food storage box, put in those foods that are about to expire, and remind yourself to eat them first!

8.Put on a protective film

After a long time, the partition of the refrigerator will inevitably get some water and oil stains, which is also very troublesome to clean. It is recommended that you put a layer of protective film on the partition. Usually, if it is accidentally dirty, you can just tear it off and keep the inside of the refrigerator clean and tidy.

9.Place activated carbon to deodorize

Sometimes I forget to use plastic wrap, and when I put the food away, all kinds of smells fill the refrigerator. When I open the refrigerator, I suspect that I have opened the wrong door. Therefore, it is very necessary to put activated carbon in the refrigerator. It has a strong adsorption force and can get rid of those inexplicable smells in an instant. But remember that activated carbon also needs to be replaced regularly, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria!

In short, you must classify the food. After all, you may not have time to take care of the refrigerator when you are busy at ordinary times. The classification and sealing can at least ensure that there is no smell, and the broken food will not affect other food.

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