How to Find a Reliable Food Container Supplier in 2022

Despite increasing competition from emerging low-cost supply chain destinations such as Vietnam and Puerto Rico, China’s manufacturing advantages remain solid and compelling. Still, outsourcing production from China can seem complicated and exhausting to novice importers. You will be faced with choices that must be carefully considered in order to find the right outsourcing partner. The following are the most important considerations when exploring and screening Chinese suppliers.

1. The real identity of the supplier—food container supplier

You found a supplier on Alibaba that makes the product you want to sell on Amazon. The conversation has started and you think that if sales are good, you will continue to import from this company. Representatives of the company speak fluent English and say they work with many sellers in Western countries.

food container supplier

2. Supplier Basic Information—Food Container Supplier

Conduct background checks on suppliers and ask them to provide information that will guarantee their reputation. Include the following steps in your supplier review process:

Compare company profiles on Alibaba, Made in China, Global Sources, and other directories, and check that their locations, addresses, phone numbers, and other identifying information are the same on all of these sites.

Basic information to ask food container suppliers, which should include the following:

o Number of employees at the food container supplier’s facility

o Main product lines of food container suppliers

o What is made in-house by the food container supplier and whether they subcontract any processes

o Sales of food container suppliers in domestic and export markets

o How many Western importers do they work with, or are their buyers mainly in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East?

o If they are familiar with the safety and product regulations that apply to your product

Well-established food container suppliers will give you satisfactory answers to these questions. If the supplier doesn’t answer clearly, or you suspect they’re just telling you what you want to hear, they’re probably not the partner you need.

Find Food Container Manufacturers in China
A good manufacturer must be willing to cooperate, especially when it comes to problem-solving. You must be prepared for the same.

3. Documents and Certifications — Food Container Supplier

While your food container supplier does not need to have considerable experience exporting to the US or Europe, it can make the relationship smoother as they will be familiar with your requirements. Suppliers will know that you need them to do their due diligence and remain cooperative. e throughout the process. They will provide the information and documents you need to verify that everything has been signed for.

Chinese manufacturers with many customers in western countries will have the ability to fulfill large orders. You’re unlikely to have issues related to quality or overall service, as the company needs to maintain its reputation in front of global buyers.

4. The best way of communicating —Food container supplier

Differences in Chinese and Western business cultures can be a pain point in discovery, negotiation, and even later stages of a relationship. If the supplier’s factory manager does not understand your instructions, language barriers can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Manufacturers may have English-speaking staff, but they are usually not decision makers and may be primarily focused on pleasing and marketing to you. Click here to get more useful tips about sourcing in China.


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