4 Types of Scams You Should Know Before Buying OEM Laundry Basket

If you’re going to place an order for a batch of OEM laundry baskets, you need to beware of being scammed. Different from simply purchasing off-the-shelf products or inventory, OEM orders require a lot more details to be confirmed than other bulk purchasing orders, and the operations are much more complicated.

So there are some suppliers who try to “steal” profits from the production orders. To complete the production of a batch of OEM laundry baskets according to your psychological expectations, beware of the following 4 scams.

1.Unrealistic Design Capabilities

After determining the style of OEM laundry basket we need to purchase, we usually design a logo and packaging for this product. Generally speaking, we can use a simple hangtag or box packaging for laundry baskets. But if you need to purchase packs or do complex packaging design, you need your supplier to have experience and ability in packaging design.

Many manufacturers will advertise that they have strong design capabilities, but in fact, they are small family workshops, and the design capabilities are completely outsourced, resulting in undetermined packaging solutions. This will cause you to be very embarrassed when facing your customers, because you can’t provide a feasible packaging solution, not to mention quotation, proofing, and other things. Learn about our design capabilities.

2.Outrageous Sample Fee

When we confirm all the details and want to see the sample, many suppliers will charge a very high sample fee, for example, a $5 laundry basket may charge a $100 sample fee. And we have to pay a high sample fee to pay sample fee because of the time and energy invested.

In fact, the sample fee can be calculated. For example, to confirm OEM laundry baskets in custom colors, we can just look at the plastic color swatch when confirming the color, which is usually free. For example, for a one-color silk-screened logo, we can ask the supplier to achieve the basic effect through Photoshop and then ask for proofing confirmation after the order is signed, and usually no additional costs will be incurred at this time. If the cost is unavoidable, you must remember to confirm with your supplier whether the sample fee can be refunded after placing the order, and general suppliers are willing to refund.

OEM Laundry Basket

3.Exaggerated Production Capacity

Because OEM orders usually come from large customers and the quantity is large, for example, an OEM laundry basket order can place more than 100,000 orders for a single item. In order to win such large orders, suppliers often exaggerate their production capacity to provide false delivery times, but when the delivery date approaches, they are temporarily informed that the order needs to be postponed.

We need to be familiar with the product’s production process and understand the production capacity required for each step. Suppose you are an OEM laundry basket that purchases plastic. In that case, how many injection molding machines the factory has and how much each injection molding machine can produce per day, we can roughly calculate the required production time.

4. Cheating

In the process of order production, some black-hearted suppliers will cheat because of profit. As a result, the actual production of large goods is inconsistent with the confirmed samples. So do remember to ask your supplier to send you a bulk sample and provide a complete picture of the bulk before shipping. If you are really worried, we recommend that you choose an authoritative inspection agency to inspect the goods. Here we recommend an authority like SGS. View the SGS website. An OEM laundry basket order is not complete until a passing inspection report is received before shipment.


Dowell–Your Reliable Supplier for OEM Laundry Basket

The import and export business has become mature with the development of the times, and any OEM order can become transparent. Although we are thousands of miles away, as long as you find a reliable supplier, you will be clear about any link of the order. Dowell can undertake OEM laundry basket orders, and even more ODM and other OEM services. There are a variety of home storage products for you to choose from. If you are interested in our products, please leave your email to ask for a catalog.

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