Start your Wholesale Kitchen Storage in 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Found a Wholesale Kitchen Storage Supplier!

To start your Wholesale Kitchen Storage range, the best way is to find a professional Wholesale Kitchen Storage Supplier who can custom your own logo, Materials, Sizes, and colors.

And Dowell is a very suitable option as a professional Wholesale Kitchen Storage Supplier with a production capacity of 5,500,00 units of wholesale home storage products a year.

With the support of our professional research & design teams, millions of innovative items are developed every year. We have been in this business for more than 20 years. 1000+ Styles available, Quality Guarantee, all products meet the international quality standards.

Wholesale Food Containers Design

Step 2:Choose the Wholesale Kitchen Storage Items which you like!

To build your Wholesale Kitchen Storage range, it is important to choose the items, which are suitable for your customers and your market. For the first try, it is good to choose the top seller items in your market. For example, if your market is in the USA, you can try to find the best-seller items on Amazon USA.

If you try to choose Dowell as your Wholesale Kitchen Storage Supplier, we’ll find the trend for you, and advise you on the best sellers to support you get your market.  Whether you need to find a great sleek cereal canister, Clear drawers, or large-capacity bins.

We also have our Wholesale Kitchen Storage Catalog for your reference. To let you find them quicker and better.

Step 3: Send the Selected Items to Your Supplier!

When you have decided which items you need, you can send the items to your supplier. If send your selected items to us, we’ll quote the best price for you. For the first business, we need to know where your market is, and who’s your primary customer. With that information, we will quote the suitable quality and suitable price for you.

When you need to put your logo on the item or have other requests for the items please let us know.

We offer a comprehensive selection of shades to match your product needs and customize the structure, and size of the item. To show your identity and your customers will know you more easily. You can put your logo with suitable aircraft, like screen printing, laser cutting, transfer printing, and sewing for example. Your logo will be on your product and package.

Step 4: Check the Samples you Need!

After you get your satisfactory price, you can ask your supplier to prepare the samples you need.  For Dowell, usually, we need about 7 days to prepare a sample for free. And if the sample needs to be freshly made, it will take more time to be prepared. After you get your samples will check the quality, size, and other details about the items. If you need to change something, please let us know. The revised sample will be prepared as soon as possible.

If you need to check the item’s certification and don’t know where you need to put the items to the test. We also can offer our laboratory to you.

Step 5: Place Your Order!

After you check everything you need, you can place your order with your supplier. And start your artwork’s design. We’ll offer the final printing artwork proofs for your check. We’ll let you know how the production process has been.

And we also can start our other business so long. We will strictly control the quality of the manufacturing process of each storage product. During the manufacturing process, we carry out strict quality control and inspection to ensure the high quality and competitiveness of kitchen storage.

To get more kitchen storage items information, please click here.

Wholesale Kitchen Storage Items

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