The Truth About Wholesale Shoe Rack Storage

Everyone needs to change their shoes every day when entering and leaving the house. For convenience, shoes are generally placed at the entrance.

The entrance space is generally not large. If the storage work is not done well, it will become a mess over time.

So what is the way to store all shoes properly, enlarge the storage space and make the home more tidy, clean and hygienic? Let’s check below wholesale Shoe Rack storage methods!

1、Choose a space-saving wholesale shoe rack

If the entrance is narrow, you can choose this circular wholesale shoe rack that rotates at will and put it in the corner. You can quickly find the shoes you want to wear by rotating easily, making full use of the space layout, attractive and practical.

The wholesale shoe rack with humanized design makes full use of the space of each part of the shoe rack and is more convenient in daily use.

The ultra-thin tipping wholesale shoe rack is less than half the thickness of ordinary shoe racks on the market, and will not take up too much space in the aisle, even the smallest entrance.

Although the wholesale shoe rack is small in size, the capacity is very large, and the shoes of the whole family can be easily handled.

Open the door to put your shoes, and when you close the door, you can see no trace, which can keep the space clean and tidy, and you don’t have to worry about dust.。

A shoe bench that only has a shoe-changing function is not a good shoe bench. Adding a storage function will make it much better, especially suitable as a storage cabinet for storing shoes.

The shoe bench that can be seated and stored can be used for multiple purposes, which saves space and money, and is very practical.

The shoe bench and the shoe storage rack are two-in-one. When changing shoes, put the shoes on the storage rack, and the storage work is done smoothly. It is simply too convenient.

2、Use storage tools flexibly

Simple shoe organizer with ladder stool design. The organizer is designed in the shape of a small stool supported by four corners, and shoes can be stored in the upper and lower parts of the shelf, saving space.

The trapezoidal design of the organizer allows the lower and upper shoes to be stored in different directions, making full use of the shape of the shoes and saving space. The surface of the organizer is designed with non-slip grooves, so that the shoes can be stored more stably. The lower part of the organizer is designed with a safety stop to ensure that the shoes will not fall off.

With the shoe storage rack, shoes can be stacked up and down, and the storage space is doubled. Double-layer shoe storage rack, easy to take, easy to store shoes, no need to worry about the shoe rack is not big enough. No matter how many shoes you buy, you don’t need to change a large shoe cabinet, you just need to add some shoe organizers.

The most useful one is this organizer box, which has three compartments for storage. The place where one pair of shoes was originally placed, now it can put three pairs of shoes.

3、Use the space behind the door

If the wholesale shoe rack is not enough, or the space at home is really limited, you can try to make use of the space behind the door. The living room door, wardrobe door, bathroom door, bedroom door and other positions can all be used cleverly, and it is appropriate to store shoes or other items.

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