Top 5 Best Wholesale Kitchen Storage Products In China

5 Best Wholesale Kitchen Storage Products From China Suppliers

If you are looking for wholesale kitchen storage products, DOWELL is a good choice. When choosing kitchen storage products, the most important thing to choose wholesale kitchen storage is to consider size, material, and function, we need to find a suitable size to put in the kitchen so that this product can play its proper role, in order to find suitable For products under these conditions, our team spent a lot of time screening and testing to come up with the following five best wholesale kitchen storage.

The first: 2 Tier Sliding Under Sink Organizer

Wholesale kitchen storage Under Sink Organizer factory

Applicable people: Want to have a more tidy space in the kitchen without having too many bags in the kitchen

Not suitable for: People with small vertical space

Our wholesale kitchen storage has a high sales volume. It uses high-quality ABS and metal materials. This kitchen storage product is a regular square shape, which can be well placed in corners, and looks neat and clean in appearance. Overall The feeling of black is more textured. Of course, we can also produce other colors of products according to customer requirements. The structure of the upper and lower layers can save more space, and the bottom layer adopts a sliding and stretching structure for more convenient access, so as to avoid the difficulty of taking items when they are put in. It’s also easy to reach items in tricky spaces.

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The second: Kitchen Wire Basket Under Cabinet

kitchen wire basket

Applicable people: Kitchen storage products that want multi-functional storage

Not suitable for people: Want to store extremely small items, as the hollow design may fall out of the hollow

You can use this product to store some knowledge and bread, or tableware, etc., using the iron structure. This product can be used in many different places, and the two top wires can hang this product in many cabinets or under wooden boards, which not only gives you more storage space but also makes good use of vertical parts that are not used. Space.

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The third: Wood Utensil Tray

Wood Utensil Tray

Applicable people: People who like wood products

Not suitable for people: People who don’t like bamboo materials

The bamboo material that this product is suitable for adopts the original color, which makes the product more healthy and suitable for the kitchen. It can store some small items in the kitchen well, such as a separate knife. I don’t know how to put it. Throwing away the mess in the kitchen, you can use this product to store it, making the kitchen more clean and tidy.

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The fourth: Magnetic Rack Tool Hanger

ODM Hooks Magnetic Rack

Applicable people: There are many products that need to be hung in the kitchen

Inapplicable crowd: basically all kitchen products cannot be hung

This wholesale kitchen storage is suitable for a magnetic hook, which can be hung directly on the refrigerator, and various kitchen utensils can be hung on it , so that the kitchen is not that messy, not only suitable for the space on the refrigerator door, but also for these products. Neat and put away. , because this magnetic suction function is very powerful.

Don’t worry if these magnetic functions will fall off because the pendant is too heavy.

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Fifth: 3 Tier Spice Rack

Applicable people: products that want to be neatly placed

Not suitable for people: people who do not want to have plastic materials.

Our wholesale kitchen storage product is made of high-quality PP and TPR materials, which are in the shape of a ladder. We can take and select the things in the back row. The countertops of each layer are made of TPR material and each layer has a non-slip design. So you don’t have to worry about things being unstable after you put them on.

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