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We have many years of experience in the fields of beauty & gift since 1997. We have successful cooperations with our business partners from the most popular and influential luxury & beauty brands. We mainly focused on beauty products, including cosmetics, makeup brush, powder puff , makeup remover pad, makeup organizer, cosmetic mirror, etc.


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Tools and Accessories

These are tools and accessories that can be used in daily beauty & a comapny with more than 20 years experiece dowell can help our customers find wholesale makeup brushes, beauty sponges, eyelash curlers, tweezers, facial, cleansing brushes, hair brushes and combs, hair straighteners and curling irons, hair dryers, hair rollers and hot rollers, hair extensions and wigs, false eyelashes, nail clippers and files, nail polish, nail art tools and accessories, facial masks and peels, serums and facial oils, moisturizers and lotions, sunscreen and sunblock, lip balm and lip gloss, eye creams and treatments from China.

Personal Care Devices

These are many beauty & cosmetic devices that can be used in daily body & skin care.dowell is willing to source them for our valuable wholesale
electric facial cleansing brushes, hair removal devices, 
led light therapy devices, blackhead and acne removal tools, ionic facial massagers, ultrasonic skin scrubbers, microdermabrasion devices, callus removers, foot massagers, electric, toothbrushes, water flossers, electric shavers, beard trimmers, nose hair trimmers
hair clippers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair curling irons, hot air brushes, electric foot files from China.

Wellness and Relaxation

Here are some beauty & cosmetic wellness and relaxation product regarding wholesale essential oils and diffusers, aromatherapy candles, massage oils, massage chairs, massage cushions, massage balls and rollers, acupressure mats, yoga mats, yoga blocks and straps, foam rollers, back massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, foot massagers, handheld massagers, eye massagers, heated blankets and pads, weighted blankets, sound therapy machines, white noise machines, humidifiers, air purifiers, diffusers with humidifiers or air purifiers, bath bombs and salts, shower steamers, sleep aids, such as sleep masks and earplugs, relaxation teas and supplements, meditation, cushions and accessories, wellness journals and planners, personal humidifiers, aromatherapy, jewelry and accessories from China.

Sun Protection

Here are some sun-protection products which we can find for our customers,generally are wholesale sunscreen lotions, sunscreen sprays, sunscreen sticks, sunscreen gels, sunscreen oils, after-sun lotions, after-sun gels, after-sun sprays, after-sun oils, self-tanning lotions, self-tanning sprays, self-tanning mousse, self-tanning wipes, lip balm with spf, face moisturizers with spf, body moisturizers with spf, sun hats, sunglasses, sun protective clothing, sun umbrellas, sun tents, sunscreen powders, sunscreen primers, sunscreen setting sprays, sunscreen facial mists, sunscreen foundation, sunscreen bb creams, sunscreen cc creams, sunscreen eye creams, sunscreen lipsticks from China.


Nail Care

As a trading company with more than 20 years old experience. Dowell has thousands of factories producing wholesale nail polishes, nail polish removers, nail strengtheners, nail growth treatments, nail files, nail clippers, cuticle oils, cuticle removers, cuticle pushers
nail buffers, base coats, top coats, gel nail polishes, dip powders, nail art stickers, nail art brushes, nail art pens, nail art stamps, nail stamping plates, nail art rhinestones, nail art beads, nail art glitter, nail wraps, french manicure kits, nail drying sprays, uv nail lamps, led nail lamps, nail polish organizers, nail polish display racks, nail art display boards from China.

Hair Accessories

Dowell is very strength in sourcing hair accessories for our customers,we have thousands of wholesale hair clips, hair ties, hair bows, hair scrunchies, headbands, hair pins, bobby pins, hair combs, hair brushes, hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers, hair rollers, hair extensions, hair wigs, hair weaves, hair braids, hair pieces
hair wraps, hair scarves, hair bands, hair elastics, hair claws
hair sticks, hair forks, hair beads, hair feathers, hair chains, hair charms, hair crowns from China.


Beauty & Cosmetics Factories

We have a strong supply chain with extensive factory resources. One of our largest suppliers, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees and 50 production machines.

They work with world-renowned brands such as Sephora. They also have a large R&D workshop to keep us updated on new launches and bestsellers.

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