Wholesale Food Container from China at a Competitive Price

As an indispensable thing in life, wholesale food containers are very popular in supermarkets in various countries. When you need to source this type of product, you need to find competitive prices with enough categories to bring more profit to your business. As a professional home storage product supplier, Dowell has its own wholesale food container factories. This article will take you to understand the price composition of food containers.

Wholesale Food Container Types

First of all, we need to understand the categories of food containers. There are many types of food containers. According to the material, they can be divided into plastic food storage boxes, food storage bags made of silicone or PE as raw materials, stainless steel lunch boxes, glass food storage jars, and so on. Different products will also have different usage scenarios, such as disposable lunch boxes for fast food restaurants and canteens to pack food. Learn about disposable prep containers with lids. If we follow the usage scenarios, the category of plastic products can be classified into daily food storage, refrigerator food storage, liquid beverage storage, and food storage lunch boxes for camping. When you are purchasing wholesale food containers, you need to know your product types, their materials, and usage scenarios. In this way, when you research similar products in the market, you will know the approximate price you need to purchase. This is the basis for judging whether the price is competitive.

Wholesale Food Container

Cost Break Down for Wholesale Food Container

To get a reasonable and competitive price, first, we need to see samples for cost analysis. Take the simplest plastic food container as an example (click here to view product information), the body and lid of the product are made of PP plastic, and the leak-proof water ring is made of silicone. We can calculate the cost of raw materials by referring to the price of domestic material websites and the gram weight of each department. The second is the processing cost of the product. For example, the cover is injection-molded. The electricity cost and loss of a machine in one day and the labor cost of operating the equipment are allotted to the number of products produced by a machine in one day. The processing fee can be known. In addition, the parts we need to consider are packaging materials, assembly, and packaging lines, transportation costs, export costs, taxes, other costs, etc. If you don’t want to do complicated calculations, you can find several factories to compare the price of the same product, which is also a simple and efficient way.

Plastic Food Storage Container

Dowell Wholesale Food Container Advantages

Dowell is a supplier specializing in all kinds of Home storage products and has been exporting for more than 20 years. In the Wholesale food container field, we have the following advantages.

  • Competitive price: Our product price has a strong advantage in the market. With our help, many importers and brand owners sell their products to Walmart, Action, Carrefour, Target, and other large supermarket chains. With our price advantage, they get a lot of orders and profit.
  • Low MOQ: Most of the hot-selling products are in our production line all year round, so if our customers don’t need customized services, they can start this business with a small MOQ. This advantage has also helped many Amazon sellers.
  • Direct factory: We have a dedicated factory and quality inspection department, if you place an order, everything about the order production process can be shared with you if you need it.
  • OEM&ODM service: With experienced designers in our team, you will find it easy to make your design such as product development, package design, new color assortment, Logo, and other OEM requirements.

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