4 Clever Wholesale Kitchen Storage and Organization Finds

People who are often busy in the kitchen must hope to have a delicate and tidy kitchen. As a necessary wholesale kitchen storage space in every kitchen, the floor cabinet can be used to store kitchen utensils well, so that the kitchen countertops are always clean and fresh, and they can be cured in an instant. .

How to make full use of the limited cabinet space to accommodate more kitchen utensils? The base cabinet pull basket is definitely a must-have storage artifact in every kitchen!

So, what are the advantages of the floor cabinet pull basket? What styles are there? Follow me below to have a look!

Three Advantages of Floor Cabinet Pull Basket for Wholesale Kitchen Storage

Reasonable division of storage areas

In the wholesale kitchen storage, there are many kinds of supplies such as dishes, chopsticks, pots, and seasoning bottles in the kitchen. Through reasonable stratification and zoning, it avoids the accumulation of kitchen items inside the cabinet, causing clutter; at the same time, it can maximize the use of the built-in space of the cabinet, increase the capacity, and expand the utilization rate of the cabinet.

Improve cooking efficiency

The disorderly arrangement of kitchen items will greatly reduce the feeling and efficiency of cooking. The base cabinet pulls the basket by classifying and storing all kinds of kitchen utensils and bottles and cans. When in a hurry.

Hygienic, safe and pollution-free

The partition storage of the base cabinet can avoid pollution to a certain extent. If the seasoning bottle is used for a long time, it will be stained with oil stains and other dirt. If the tableware is placed with clean tableware for a long time, it is inevitable that bacteria will breed.

Floor Cabinet Pull Basket Style

There are many kinds of kitchen utensils, so the base cabinet pull basket also divides the base cabinet space into layers and partitions according to the kitchen utensils, and various styles meet different kitchen storage needs. Even in different positions of the base cabinet, the pull baskets that need to be installed are also different.

Based on years of research on the kitchen cooking habits of Chinese people, the storage space of the base cabinet is tailored, and the pull-basket function of the base cabinet is readily available, which can meet the needs of daily kitchen life. It is subdivided into the following styles:

Dishes pull basket

Generally installed in the upper drawer of the gas stove area

Dishes wholesale kitchen storage tool, can classify cutlery, fork and chopsticks into categories, neatly placed, the card space can be adjusted according to the size of the tableware, easy to match different types.

Wholesale Kitchen Storage

Dishes Pull Basket

Pot pull basket

Generally installed in the lower drawer of the gas stove area

Always like to buy all kinds of good-looking pots and utensils but worry about the kitchen can not fit? The pot basket is definitely your best choice, whether it is a frying pan, a soup pot, or a small milk pot, you can get it all here, and you don’t have to worry about finding the right pot for a while.

Pot pull basket

Pot Pull Basket

Seasoning basket

Generally installed on the left or right side of the gas stove area.

There are always too many bottles and jars in the kitchen, and all kinds of seasonings are always placed in the east and the west, which makes cooking more time-consuming. The seasoning basket can quickly format seasonings, oil drums, rice , dry food and other classified partitions, free up more cooking space for you.

seasoning basket

Seasoning Basket

Food/Tools pull basket

Tailored to your wholesale kitchen storage needs

In addition to the above three common styles of pull baskets, those with larger kitchen space can also consider installing food/tool pull baskets for centralized storage of kitchen utensils, beverages, and food in your kitchen, and a small space to satisfy a whole kitchen.

Any interests, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Food/Tools Pull Basket

Food/Tools Pull Basket

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