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Today we are going to talk about some Wholesale Kitchen Storage.We really don’t understand why there is space on my cupboard. If anyone knows the historical reasons, please explain me in the comments. Why can’t my cupboard extend all the way to the ceiling? I don’t know. What I know is that this is a serious waste of space, and it often becomes very disgusting and dusty.

Do you share our pain? Here are some ideas to make this space work for you and us!

1.Show serving.

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This is a classic move for good reasons: the space above the cabinet is just suitable for placing some rarely used Wholesale Kitchen Storage items, such as cake racks, large service boards and some decorative items.

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2.Use containers to hide debris.

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Whether it’s dry goods or messy sundries (Shh), the closed container has an obvious kitchen feeling. Using them is a good way to hide small pieces on the shelf attractively.

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3.Or take out the basket.


In addition to adding a sense of nature to your kitchen, baskets, such as those used by Lynn at her Santa Barbara home, are good at hiding things that no one needs to see, such as the Wholesale Kitchen Storage juicer you just registered, or the recipes you tore out of magazines on vacation.


4.Show collections.

If you collect statuettes, fans, carnivals, or anything in between, this place is a good place to show off your collection – if only because you don’t actually need to dust Wholesale Kitchen Storageoften. (what? It’s not like eye level!)

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5.Show recipes.


To be honest: for many of us, owning cookbooks not only means knowing you have them, but also means opening them to make recipes. So put them above the cupboard, just like this lovely New York apartment in Golden Lane.

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6.Store wine.


We guess you don’t have a wine cellar? Don’t worry, neither do I! That’s why this idea is so wonderful. Just put a mini wine rack on your cupboard (to prevent bottles from rolling away) and start stacking.

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7.Plant something.


In kerstin&andy’s Australian home, they use the top of the cabinet to help the plants get enough sunlight. Bonus: it’s hard to climb over something you can hardly reach on the water!

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8.Add another shelf.


What is better than a shelf? Two shelves! If the cupboard space above you is high enough, you can stack a board on three small wine shelves and add an additional shelf above the cupboard. Even if it’s inconvenient for you, you can find a hardware store to help you cut wood. Thank you for your idea, a King Lane!

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9.Set up some art.

Art in the kitchen can be difficult. (you don’t want anything to be damaged by water, grease and other splashes.) However, the art above the cabinet is relatively safe and makes bold statements. If you want to keep it simple, you can also hang a retro logo.


10.Holiday decorations.


Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentine’s day, almost always a festival is coming. This Wholesale Kitchen Storage Roy’s restaurant, making use of the space to make the room more festive. You can steal this idea at any time of the year.


11.Just leave them empty

Sometimes, the best way to use Wholesale Kitchen Storage space is not to use it at all. If you don’t absolutely need storage space, save space before you need it. Especially in a small kitchen, it will make the room feel more ventilated than when it is stuffed with things.


If you are looking for a supplier who can provide excellent Wholesale Kitchen Storage, you can contact us, and Dowell will certainly give you the most perfect solution.


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