6 Mistakes to Avoid when Organizing Your Wholesale Kitchen Storage

Wholesale Kitchen Storage, Better Organizer

Wholesale kitchen storage is really a big problem for every family, especially in the kitchen, where there are many and miscellaneous things. If the storage is not organized well, it will be a big problem.

Wholesales kitchen storage,how to avoid mistakes in organizing your

It takes a lot to learn. Following are 6 mistakes that would often happen when organizing your kitchen storage.  Come, and learn  this wholesale kitchen storage now and avoid in time and bring yourself a clean and neat kitchen room. 

1.Too many objects to pile in kitchen.

Small items like rags, cleaning tools, baking products, and so on, in kitchen you will use many small things, even the same range, there will be a lot.

If you pile one by one, even you think you place all in the order, it looks still quite disorder. So you need to make full space, use some hanging storage products like hanging box to collect cleaning tools, and hanging strip to hold cutting tools.

2.Many chests to find what you want.

When design and decorate the kitchen, you surely want to have many chests in kitchen that can storage many objects. But later you will find that all things put in chests mixed, you will always forget to find which the cabinet you put your baking mould in.

To be honest, drawers are much better, which can separate objects well and it is quite convenient to find what you want.

Like in drawer you put it with tableware pull basket, so all things here are tableware items. Another example, you put all condiment sets in one condiment storage box, and can find all easily during cooking, no need to worry food is over cooking and that is the magic of  wwholesale kitchen storage.

3.No gap shelf used.

Kitchen is normally crowded and small, if you can make full use of every space is perfect good but normally we cannot make it.

After shopping back, we will put a lot of foods vegetables, fruits on kitchen table. And these foods are for one week, we cannot wipe them out in one day, now you need a gap shelf to storage them.  That you can make full use of corn space, and also put all foods in order.

Wholesale Kitchen Storage

4.Cannot find the trash can.

When your kitchen is crowded with all fruits , vegetables,  sometimes you cannot find the trash can, or sometimes you will think the trash can make the kitchen more crowd. Mostly because there is no proper place to put the trash can.

To save the space and also to make trash can visible, bring back you tidy wholesale kitchen storage., you need a hanging trash can or a Embedded trash can.

5.Beans in bags, or oat powder in bags.

If weather rains a lot, sometimes you will find the dry food be wet, or oat powder be affected with damp. Now you just need a good solution, which is food containers, to make all dry and tidy.

6.Small or big ones appliances each packed.

Like Juicer, microwave oven, oven, kettle and so on. Now you need is a kitchen shelving with several layers, big ones put it on bottom layer and small ones on up layer.

Wholesale Kitchen Storage

Are above point you always meet during your kitchen, and you just need buy some storage products to help you, to save time, save troubles, and bring neat, clean kitchen.

Dowell is specialized in storage, not only wholesale kitchen storage., but also bathroom, living room and bedroom. If you have any question about how to origanize, just contact us on line freely.

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