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Dowell is a professional wholesale led light product supplier in Ningbo, China. Since 2004, we have developed all kinds of sub-categories under the LED light range, such as Flashlight, Work light, Headlamp, Garden light, Home use light, Solar light, Bicycle light, Camping lantern, and more. Now, our factory passes all kinds of audits such as BSCI, WCA, ISO9001 and our products are selling worldwide with certificates needed for export.

Focusing on professional OEM & ODM services for wholesale LED solar light, lashlight, work light, head flashlight, and bike light. We can efficiently meet the needs of supermarkets, wholesalers, brand owners and e-commerce customers, etc. In the past 17 years, we have helped 900+ importers wholesale led lights from China.


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Decorative LED Lighting

Transform your living space with our wholesale decorative led lighting solutions, offering a stunning selection of high-quality products that add an extra touch of elegance and charm to your home or business while delivering exceptional energy efficiencydowell can help many clients to source wholesale led string lights, led fairy lights, led curtain lights, led globe lights, led icicle lights, led net lights led rope lights, led lanterns, led candle lights, led edison bulbs, led filament bulbs, led flame bulbs, led vintage bulbs, led taper candles, led tea lights, led flameless candles, led marquee lights, led neon lights, led wall art, led light boxes, led branch lights, led willow trees, led snowflake lights from China.

Indoor LED Lighting

Get the best deals on high-quality wholesale indoor LED lighting solutions for your home or business and save big with our unbeatable prices and extensive selection. Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale led bulbs, led tubes, led panel lights, led downlights, led spotlights, led strip lights, led track lights, led desk lamps, led ceiling lights, led chandeliers, led pendant lights, led table lamps, led floor lamps, led wall sconces, led picture lights, led mirror lights, led vanity lights, led night lights, led motion sensor lights, led emergency lights, led stair lights, led step lights led under cabinet lights from china.

Industrial LED Lighting

Optimize your workspace with our high-quality wholesale industrial led lighting solutions, providing superior illumination and energy efficiency to help you achieve maximum productivity and cost savings for your business. dowell can help many clients to source wholesale led high bay lights, led low bay lights led linear lights, led tri-proof lights, led floodlights led tunnel lights, led explosion-proof lights, led emergency lights, led hazardous location lights, led grow lights, led uv lights, led infrared lights, led inspection lights, led dock lights, led task lights led machine lights, led conveyor lights, led workbench lights, led traffic lights, led area lights, led post top lights, led wall packs, led canopy lights, led retrofit kits, led lighting controls, led motion sensors, led emergency backup drivers from china.

Outdoor LED Lighting

These are our outdoor lighting items for your reference with competitive price and extensive selection.dowell can help many clients to source wholesale led floodlights, led street lights, led wall packs, led canopy lights, led pole lights, led high bay lights, led area lights, led sports field lights, led landscape lights, led garden lights, led pathway lights, led deck lights, led bollard lights, led inground lights, led step lights, led tree lights, led spotlights, led wall washers, led façade lights, led signage lights, led rgb lights, led solar lights, led motion sensor lights, led security lights, led emergency lights, led marine lights, led aviation lights, led parking lot lights, led car park lights, led gas station lights from china.

Smart LED Lighting

Experience the convenience and energy efficiency of smart LED lighting with our wholesale solutions, featuring an extensive range of top-quality products at unbeatable prices to enhance the lighting experience of your home or business.Dowell can help many clients to source wholesale Smart LED Bulbs, Smart LED Strips, Smart LED Downlights, Smart LED Panel Lights, Smart LED Spotlights, Smart LED Ceiling Lights, Smart LED Chandeliers, Smart LED Pendant Lights, Smart LED Desk Lamps, Smart LED Table Lamps, Smart LED Floor Lamps, Smart LED Wall Sconces, Smart LED Vanity Lights, Smart LED Night Lights, Smart LED Motion Sensor Lights, Smart LED Emergency Lights, Smart LED Stair Lights, Smart LED Step Lights from China.

Led Light Factories

Dowell has been supplying led light products.  We partner with businesses to customize innovative power and sustainability solutions based on our years of experience as a market leaders. We work hard to stay ahead of the changing energy landscape and growing demands.

Dowell has a standard led lamp production line, import, and export priority, and the expertise of the management, development, manufacturing, and marketing teams. Our led lights have been exported to more than 30 countries and have received very positive responses from the market and customers, and are committed to providing safe, portable, efficient, and sustainable green energy led lights to global customers.

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